Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Truth, Justice and the American Way

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Will James tell Lucy the truth?

If he does, will she be able to keep it from her father?

At least he asked Kara's permission on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14, but she has yet to provide an answer. 

Sisterly Bonding - Supergirl

It is understandable that James would want to be honest with her. No one likes lying to their loved ones. But, telling her puts her in that same unpleasant situation if she then has to start keeping secrets from her dad. 

General Lane is not exactly a friend of Supergirl or the DEO, and chances are they'd like to keep him out of the loop as much as possible. 

Speaking of keeping secrets from their loved ones, how long do you guys give Alex before she cracks? Her secret is already starting to eat her up inside, especially having to watch the way Kara is treating Hank. 

I think if Kara knew the truth from the beginning, she wouldn't be treating Alex this way. She doesn't know the whole story that Alex was forced to kill Astra to save Hank. If they're going to lie to her, they should have at least twisted it and said Hank killed Astra to save Alex. 

She might be a little more forgiving then. 

The secret is going to come out eventually. The key is whether Alex comes clean or Kara finds out another way. It could be a disaster situation. 

When I'm getting a lesson in ethics and morality from Cat Grant, I know we've gone off the deep end.


James made some excellent points regarding Lord's imprisonment within the DEO, and while I completely agreed with him, I could also see Kara's hesitation.

If it were a matter of turning Lord over to the local authorities and having him stand trial, that'd be the obvious choice. But being that the options were keep him in the DEO for an undetermined amount of time without due process, or setting him free, well, let's just say I can see why Kara might be reluctant.

She made the right choice to be bigger and better than him, but I'm also glad that Alex set up some assurances to keep him from exposing them.

Granted, that doesn't do much in the way of stopping him from trying to kill them again.

I didn't particularly love the story line with the new assistant, though her talk of becoming a reporter made it hard not to compare her to her Chasing Life character. We'll see if she sticks around and if there's more to her than meets the eye. I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be a spy for someone. 

What could be so terrible that even a hologram won't discuss it?


Whatever this Myriad thing is, it is some serious business. It nearly made a hologram self-destruct. It will probably be awhile, if not the season finale before we find out the details. 

I have to say, I kind of loved that opening scene when Non crashed Kara and Alex's sisterly bonding night. It was funny and awesome watching Alex stand in front of Kara with her gun drawn. Her sister might be super, but she'll still put herself in the line of fire to protect her. 

The Master Jailer was okay, not one of the best villains we've seen. I did like the professor though, wouldn't mind seeing him pop up again some time. 

Your turn, what did you guys think? Will we see Non return with a vengeance in two weeks? Could Lord wind up playing for the good guys? Did you like the new assistant?

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Truth, Justice and the American Way Review

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Winn: It's okay for Kara Danvers to be upset.
Kara: I'm not upset.
Winn: You just broke your phone.

Maxwell: So nothing for my largesse then?
Kara: I was told you asked for and received Netflix.
Maxwell: You thought I was dangerous before, you have no idea how dangerous I get when I'm bored.
Kara: I recommend Call the Midwife.