Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13 Review: For the Girl Who Has Everything

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Poor Kara, this was a seriously rough day for her. 

She was in heaven and then came crashing back down to Earth on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13

While she seemed okay by the end, this one could have lasting effects on her psyche. 

Dream World - Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13

Most of us have probably experienced a dream that was so good we wished it were real and found ourselves a little disappointed when we woke up. 

But Kara was actually starting to forget her life on Earth. Lucky for her (and the world) Alex got to her just in time. 

Alex pulled out all the stops for Kara. Bringing James and Winn into the DEO, practically pleading with Lord, a man she despises to help, and trusting Astra were not easy decisions. She was willing to do absolutely anything to get Kara back, even if it meant getting lost herself. 

I know Director Henshaw. If he thinks I'm in trouble when I'm plugged into that thing, he's going to pull me out, whether I've saved Kara or not. I need you to stop him. I either come back with my sister, or I don't come back at all.


Chyler Leigh has been fantastic on this series so far. It was utterly heartbreaking watching her plead with the computerized Alura for help and getting nothing out of her. 

James and Winn finally stepped foot inside the DEO, and Hank was not super happy about it. He quickly came around, but Alex just keeps bringing everyone inside the secret headquarters. Next we're going to see Cat stroll through the front door. 

Speaking of Cat, watching Hank try to cover for Kara at work was freaking hilarious! But, I don't get why it was so hard for him. Can't he read minds? 

Maybe she wasn't explicitly thinking no whole milk or the names of the people she asked him to call, but at the very least he should have been able to figure out the no crying thing. 

When someone asks a question like, "What is the most important thing I told you when I hired you," they are almost definitely thinking about the answer while waiting for you to respond. Hank should have had that one.

But still, it's amazing he didn't get Kara fired. Also, Winn is a terrible liar. James should have made him practice that tick story.

Non is an evil bastard, and Kara is going to be gunning for him the rest of the season for what he did to her. He may have thought he was giving her a "peaceful" death to appease Astra, but instead he made her suffer the loss of her family a second time.

The look Kara had on her face when she asked who did this to her was of pure determination. Dude is going down.

It was weird to see Lord actually helping them, but right now he is the lesser of two evils, and Non is his enemy too. It'll be interesting to see if he continues to help them from inside the DEO. We know his actions will always be to further his own agenda, even if he appears to be helping on the surface. 

It was a little surprising to see Astra die so soon. I expected her to survive a little longer. But it was even more surprising to see how it played out. Alex is going to have a tough time keeping this secret from Kara, and I suspect it will come out sooner or later. 

It probably would have been better to be honest with her from the get-go, because this could come back to bite her in the ass later. 

Hank: She never stopped believing Astra could be saved. That's the difference between soldiers and heroes.
Alex: Sir, why did you lie to Kara?
Hank: Because you're Supergirl's hero. And I don't want her to see you as anything other than that.

Still, gotta love Hank's reasoning for protecting Alex on this one. 

Some final thoughts: 

  • Kara and Winn's friendship is officially restored. Yay!
  • Little Superman was super cute! 
  • What the heck is the myriad? Hit the comments with your guesses!

We get a week off for the Grammy Awards, so don't forget to watch Supergirl online in the meantime!

For the Girl Who Has Everything Review

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

That woman makes me miss my alien prison.

Hank (as Kara)

Hank: What the hell are these guys doing here?
James: Where Supergirl goes, we go.
Hank: This is a top secret facility Mr. Olsen, you think I'm going to let the media waltz in here?
Winn: Actually, I'm in IT, so definitely not worth shooting.