Lucifer Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Favorite Son

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Now that's what I'm talking about!

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 6 gave us a lot to chew on with a mystery that's a hell of a lot more palatable than those bland, predictable cases of the week. Plus, it has finally become clear how all the pieces fit together, even if it took what seemed like forever to get to this point.

Revelations indeed!

When the case of the week takes a backseat to the main story, Lucifer is, by far, a better show. And, now that we have the ultimate case of cases, I'm hoping the boring ones, like the one that pushed Lucifer away this hour, stay in the backseat.

Sure, the security officer murder was important to the overall story, but it wasn't open and shut like all the others. This mystery actually had some meat to it, and, boy, was it juicy!

Plus, it showed us what may very well be Lucifer's most prized possession: his beautiful wings!

At first, Lucifer didn't seem too concerned about the stolen container or its contents. It wasn't until Maze cleverly poked at his pride that he showed some interest. I'm sure deep down, though, it killed her knowing he'd be back with Chloe working the case.

But, this was THE container, and, as we learned later, very important to both Lucifer and Maze. For Lucifer, though, retrieving it was just a matter of course. I don't think he really cared until after his last talk with Dr. Martin.

Her calling him Samael hit him hard, but when she called him God's favorite son – that's when it all clicked in his head. He let his stubborn rebelliousness go for the quickest of moments and realized that everything she had been saying was true.

If not, he wouldn't have flown into that rage. 

Dr. Martin: You are his fallen angel, but here's the thing. When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are.
Lucifer: I can't.

Had he had his wings, I truly believe he would have gathered up Maze and gone home. 

Amenadiel certainly did his job. 

Unfortunately, the loss of Lucifer's wings presents a double danger for the King of Hell. Not only can he not go home, but the more he stays here, the more vulnerable he becomes, thus pushing him closer to mortality.

And that would be bad for everyone.

However, this turn of events makes me much more invested in Lucifer's present...and his future. Lucifer has become exciting, the danger of his mortality...intriguing. 

Even Chloe's existence now has purpose. Before she was just some dense cop. but since dropping the bomb that she enjoys working with Lucifer, it adds a new dimension to their relationship.

And, the fact that we know what we now know, it's evident that she's going to play an extremely important part in the quest for Lucifer's wings.

Though it's still not clear why she's immune to his charms, the idea that she's genuinely concerned about him raises many possibilities. I mean, she was actually hurt by the thought of him lying to her. That's a huge step for someone who previously only showed annoyance at being in Lucifer's company.

But then again, with that revelation, all of her previous actions (and inactions) make sense.

They need each other. They give each other validation, each making the other feel important, despite their lot in life.

Just, please, dear Lucifer writers, don't turn this into a romance. It would completely kill all that has been accomplished so far.

Also worth mentioning is how real the Devil became this hour. Yeah, he still pranced around with arrogance and flashed the red eyes and his evil face, but what really struck me was his unabashed rage and childlike vulnerability when it came to his wings.

There were some pretty powerful emotions flowing through Lucifer, and it was awesome to behold. 

But the big question remains: who stole Lucifer's wings and why? Did God come down and do it? Is there another angel looking for revenge? Could it be Chloe? 

Other Thoughts:

  • Maze also has some childlike qualities. As fierce as Maze is, it was an undeniable kid move what she did to Dan.
  • I loved how everyone watched, and no one reacted, when Lucifer beat up Frankie, the snow cone guy. I'm surprised the incident wasn't recorded and sent to a news station. It's no laughing matter, but maybe they were all disgruntled at being cheated out of cherry syrup, too.
  • I wonder if Amenadiel knows how truly "motivated" Dr. Martin is to help Lucifer? Her look was priceless.
  • "Pardon the intrusion, you Village People rejects." Ha.

What did you think of "Favorite Son"? Who do you think stole Lucifer's wings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Favorite Son Review

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