Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Manly Whatnots

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Really, Chloe? What's it going to take?

On Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4, Chloe got to see two very different looks for Lucifer. One, stunning. One, not so much. But still, she didn't seem too phased by either look, even if she did do something rash like shoot him in the leg.

I wonder what she would've done if he hadn't bled.

Even though this week included a case of the week, it really took a backseat to the meat of the story which was the development of Chloe and Lucifer's relationship. 

It all starts with Chloe taking a shower while going over in her head all the mysteries she's witnessed so far regarding Lucifer. It was kind of goofy that she came out with only a towel on to confront an intruder, which unsurprisingly turned out to be Lucifer himself.  

And what a surprise when Dan and Trixie came trotting in to see the show. though it was cute when Trixie asked her mom if she and Lucifer had a sleepover.

I'm not really sure what Lucifer was expecting. Did he think that since Chloe was naked anyway, she'd just throw herself at him? It wasn't surprising that she kicked him out, and that he decided to run to Dr. Martin's office seeking answers.

He concludes from her analysis that having sex with Chloe will stop his fascination with her, even though that's not what she was trying to say. Meanwhile, Dan gives Chloe an undercover case that requires her to work with Lucifer. 

It all seems a little too convenient and a bit forced. Plus, I never got the feeling that he put Chloe on a pedestal, so I don't know how Dr. Martin came up with that little tidbit. Is she saying he's worshipping Chloe because she can resist him? 

I just think she's in denial...about a lot of things. How is it that a conversation that's supposed to be about the case at hand turns into a conversation about her never, ever, ever sleeping with Lucifer.

She acts like she doesn't like and doesn't want to be anywhere near or around Lucifer, but she certainly doesn't do anything to get away from him. 

I'm starting to agree with Trixie. I think she likes him.

Did you see that coy extra peek she took when he was prancing around in the towel? She definitely was liking what she was seeing. But she resisted him, much to his chagrin. It was funny when he wondered aloud if there was something biologically wrong with her.

Seriously, darling. Are you well? The berries are ripe and ready to be harvested.


Still, how is any of this going to work if it gets to that point when she's only separated from Dan. I thought she was divorced from him. Of course in Lucifer's world, that's a nothing.

Not that I want to see a romance between Lucifer and Chloe. That would be the worst thing that could happen. Though Trixie might like the matchup. What is her fascination with Lucifer, anyway? 

A little more information was revealed about Lucifer when he told Chloe about Maze clipping off his wings. Though it's curious as to why he would do that. Can he sew them back on when he wants to put them back? Does he need his wings to go back to Hell? What did he do with them?

It's amazing to me that no matter what Lucifer says to Chloe, she just ignores it. Nothing phases her. She sees his scars and she thinks it's some kind of abuse. At some point after all his claims, wouldn't she think he's a whack job? 

But she is starting to question. Their conversation in the car was revealing. She asked a lot of questions, and we learned that she doesn't believe in God, only in good and evil. Maybe that's why she is resistant to Lucifer's charms. 

The scene at the seminar when Lucifer interrupted Carver to complain about Chloe was actually quite funny. It was totally a Lucifer move. This incarnation of Lucifer, anyway.

And there was a lot to be said when he defended Carver to Lindsay saying that the former player was changing. It seemed that Lucifer may very well have been talking about himself.  But Lucifer is still mostly Devil and when he's angry, he's angry, and he was pretty angry at Lindsay. 

He showed her his true self, and Chloe also caught a glimpse. Chloe's "What are you?" reaction was pretty dumb, and I liked how Lucifer looked at her like she really was an idiot. After all, hasn't he been telling her who he really is all along?

I don't get why she felt compelled to shoot him, but we now know that he is indeed becoming more human-like. I wonder if she dismissed what she saw because he started bleeding after she shot him. Up to that point, she almost seemed to believe what he was saying.

Deep down she has to know there is a truth to what he said, bleeding leg or not.

And you know she saw how his charms worked on her boss. He saved her ass, so does that mean she's indebted to him now? 

This and That

  • Why does Chloe always feel the need to tell her kid everything? Shouldn't she have some parental discretion going on? Obviously the girl knows the blood wasn't ketchup, but did she really need to tell her she shot Lucifer? 
  • The fight scene between Maze and Amenadiel was pretty awesome. Why is Maze resisting working with the angel? Doesn't she want the same thing he does?
  • There is no point to Dan. Why was he the one to tell her about the undercover case? Why didn't her boss call her?
  • The episode seemed to work much better with less Dr. Martin and her detailed analysis, and also with the case of the week taking a backseat. Did anyone really care about Lindsay and her brother?
  • Lucifer's arrogance at showing off his body to Chloe was very Lucifer-y. "I mean, look at me."  Loved it.

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Manly Whatnots Review

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