Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

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Rebecca may not have won the case but it looks like she's taken home a much more satisfying victory.

The water  case reunited Rebecca with her nemesis, Audra Levine, on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 13, and the two JAPs (Jewish American Princesses) finally settled their longtime score.

Darryl and Greg both made important decisions about their love lives, but with very different results.

Let's dive into all of the crazy twists and talk about, “Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!”

Heading to L.A. - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I am bi-sexual! I'm going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on!


After Darryl's revelation in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 12 that he is, in fact, a bi-sexual man, I applauded the series for this brilliant story line.

The results of that setup did not disappoint.

White Josh, we learn, has been out as a gay man since he was 12 years old. White Josh is incredibly comfortable with his sexuality and can immediately sniff out Darryl's hesitations about going public.

He shuts down the possibility of going back into the closet to make Darryl more comfortable while still showing sensitivity for the newness of Darryl's feelings towards men and women, even going so far as to show up in Los Angeles to support his friend.

The excitement over the court battle must have ignited a fire in Darryl, or maybe he just realized he didn't care who knew he was into White Josh, but they shared a lovely kiss in front of the courthouse as a heckler shouted, “He's way out of your league!”

Hey back off dude! He looks like Tom Selleck!

White Josh

Here's what I love about that one line in the episode; it sets the precedent for the budding love story. The shock of their romance isn't that White Josh is gay. It's not that Darryl is bi-sexual.

It's that this out of shape older man could ever land a young hot body builder.

So now that Darryl and White Josh are out in the open, who else is waiting for Darryl and Rebecca to sing a duet about their love for men named Josh? That's got to be coming down the pipe, right?

Also, if Darryl and White Josh got married, White Josh could potentially become “White Josh Whitefeather,” and that's a name that just makes me giggle.

Look, I've seen a lot of Hallmark movies, and the look on people's faces before they run and confess their feelings? That's your face.


Also making a huge choice about his love life is Greg, who finally accepted that he is in love with Rebecca, and with a little push from Heather, raced down to the courthouse to confess his love.

For weeks now we've seen Greg struggling with his leftover feelings for Rebecca as he navigates his new romance with Heather, someone who's already helped him grow up a lot in the short time they've been dating.

Heather felt like such a great choice for Greg. She's got a no-nonsense attitude, she doesn't play games, she's been nothing but supportive of him...

But she just isn't Rebecca. It turns out that Greg really likes having a little bit of chaos in his life, and that Greg sees Rebecca's crazy as beauty.

I'm way too bad-ass to be someone you settle for.


Heather's reprise of “Settle for Me,” took Greg's words from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4, and flipped them. Greg is too good of a guy to settle, and Heather isn't going to be anyone's second choice.

I hope that Heather still sticks around after this. This wacky group of people needs a voice of reason and she seems to fit that role very well, even if it's just as Rebecca's neighbor and not as Greg's love interest.

While I am glad that Greg is now back on the Becks train (it was inevitable), I am disappointed in how quickly it seemed to happen.

I know that it's been building, I know that every sign was there. It just seemed to hit so hard and fast in one afternoon that Greg loves Rebecca.

And it is love. That much is clear. When Greg looked up at that television after Rebecca's impassioned speech about the people of the Valley and how she'll continue to fight for them, he said very simply,

She's crazy.


Rebecca IS crazy. She's a stalker, she's been a liar, she's been nothing but chaos. But she's also bold, a risk taker, and ultimately, in this case, someone who is unafraid of doing the right thing, no matter the cost.

Greg sees the entire crazy package of Rebecca. He sees the good crazy in her and loves it. He accepts the bad crazy. There are no secrets left between them, all of the cards are on the table.

Everything is ripe for a romance between the two.

There's just one thing...Rebecca is still in love with Josh and now it looks like Josh is equally in love with Rebecca.

Oh Greg, I'm sorry. You're a nice guy, you really are. But, I mean, those two in there, they were just meant to be. You have to see that now.


It's heartbreaking that Greg made a huge self-discovery about himself and raced down to the courthouse only to find Rebecca locking lips with Josh Chan.

I have to wonder though, what did Greg expect to happen? His expectation vs. reality meter must have been totally broken.

When Greg last saw Rebecca, he had accused her of having a fake boyfriend (which she did, and I will get to that in a bit). She asked him if they were no longer friends as he helped plot against her with Valencia.

Additionally, their last fight involved him basically telling her that he was sick of cleaning up her messes in spite of his feelings for her.

Aside from a few jealous jabs at Greg about his having a girlfriend, Rebecca still hasn't shown romantic interest toward Greg. So what was Greg's plan? Did he plan to just confess his feelings and let her stew on them?

Josh: I didn't know you thought of me that much.
Rebecca: Of course I do.

The reality of what Greg saw happening between Josh and Rebecca, on the other hand, HAS been building for a while now.

Josh has admitted that he likes having Rebecca in West Covina. He's admitted that he's attracted to her. And her speech about fighting for the citizens of the Valley, even beyond the trial, is exactly the trait that Josh admires in her.

For Josh, kissing Rebecca is giving into everything he's felt about her since he was first reunited with her on that New York City street. It's a release for Josh to finally act on his feelings and not under the reign of Valencia.

But here's the thing about's still empty.

And as much as I've been back and forth about my stance on Rebecca and Josh, I have to use some kind of reality as a moral compass.

Rebecca has still lied to Josh, a lot. Some are lies he knows about, some he doesn't. Rebecca has caused a lot of chaos in his life.

Maybe that chaos will lead to a few great outcomes for him personally, like a breakup between he and Valencia, but because of those huge deceptions, I have to want more for Josh.

Josh has grown into a character that I really like and while his love story with Rebecca is sweet it's also superficial, and at its core, a way for Rebecca to recapture a time in her youth when she was happy.

Now that Rebecca seems to have grown, at least in that happiness aspect, I think the greatest thing that she could do for Josh would be to let him go and allow him to find happiness with someone who's totally honest and real with him right from the get-go.

Take care of yourself, I know how hard your life can be. Don't forget to be happy, because that's really important.

Rebecca (to Audra)

Since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 1, we've heard about Audra Levine, Rebecca's New York frenemy, the woman who eventually got the life Rebecca walked away from.

Seeing Audra in person was satisfying for a number of reason, but most importantly because it reminded us of who Rebecca was when we met her, right down to the hair and wardrobe.

It's tough to remember, I know. When we think of early Rebecca, she's getting ready for a night out and swinging on a giant pretzel.

We somehow forget the Rebecca that was in a power suit, panicking in an alley about a future she was completely unsure of before an ad for butter intervened and changed the course of her life.

Rebecca and Audra's JAP battle rap was fantastic, and it showcased the real problem between the two women, one that has existed between them since childhood.

Rebecca values real emotional happiness based on love, while Audra values the happiness that she gains by winning and besting others. Despite Rebecca's continual attempts to be friends, Audra can only see her as an enemy to defeat.

I don't know if this will be the last time we see Audra, but if it is, she was used in an effective way to show Rebecca's complete journey.

Trent: Dear Rebecca Nora Bunch...
Rebecca (slamming door): Nope.

Another character I'm not sure if we've seen the last of is Trent, Rebecca's former college classmate who posed as her fake boyfriend.

While he helped her out in a pinch, and ultimately provides the evidence that she makes her big emotional moral stance over, he's still basically just Rebecca, right down to the note he sang to her.

She slams the door on him, seemingly ending the gag, but with so many pieces of Rebecca's love life in the air, she forgets one thing about Trent that very well could re-surface later on; he was blackmailing her.

Trent knows that he was a decoy boyfriend to cover up her lies. That's still a loose end that could definitely come back into play again.

TV Fanatics, tell me what you thought of, “Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!” Did the big kiss meet all of your expectations? Are you pulling for Rebecca to be with Josh or Greg? Sounds off in the comments below!

If you've missed a minute of this musical love story, don't fret! You can watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online right here at TV Fanatic and catch up!

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm way too bad-ass to be someone you settle for.


She's crazy.