Colony Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Broussard

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To be honest, I expected to learn a lot more about Broussard in an hour named after the character.

Yet, during Colony Season 1 Episode 7 we barely scratched the surface of exactly what to expect from one Eric Broussard (real name out of 14 possible Rolodex results thank you very much), and probably learned more from portrayer Tory Kittles during an interview posted earlier today.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I'm enjoying the amount of information being doled out. I just think it's interesting in the face of the naming convention. 

We did learn a bit more about what the masses may think of the hosts, however. Hmmmm.

Let's tackle Proxy Snyder first because I think he's a hoot. He's probably not supposed to be as amusing as I find him to be, and I'm fully expecting to be blindsided at some point by evil. My guard is up.

Nevertheless, Proxy Snyder is living the good life. Not only does he have the fresh coffee Will can't resist along with and all the good breakfast food (fresh berries!), he's keeping several homes, including Hillhaven Lodge, the former home of Ingrid Bergman and Brett Ratner (RIP dude!), and he has a daughter.

It's his daughter that makes him so interested in Will and his son Charlie. Or so he says.

Let's be honest, it looked like Charlie was thrust forward into the photo that was taken of him, so we can only imagine the condition he is in. But Snyder pulled the right strings and got the photo. 

In return, Will found Broussard for Snyder. Broussard and Quayle (Broussard's next door neighbor at the moment), really need to stop underestimating Will whether Katie is a double agent or not.

And, of course Katie's not a double agent. But she got into the Resistance because of Broussard. They are tied together. Somehow. And now Will has them tied together by the book, Nostromo. 

I think we need to start looking at this as a triangle with Katie in the middle. Broussard and Will are equals in skill and knowledge. Katie has to maneuver between them until Will decides to leave Homeland Security.

Or until Will realizes he can use Broussard to his benefit within Homeland. That's something Tory Kittles mentioned in the interview, and it really struck me. We really don't know how this will go.

There's a part of me that hates to think that aliens automatically equals evil. I'm OK with humans equaling evil. What I mean is what if humans built this new world and the aliens are not fully on board, looking for another solution on earth all together?

Maybe they're looking for the Wills and Broussards of the world to find their way to each other. Hey, it could happen.

The opening scene was a doozy. Of course there would be at least one vein of the public who would try to tie Jesus Christ to the Arrival. Lindsey didn't surprise me. Nolan? He did, even though he could be there merely to plug his politics. 

The tutor bringing it into the Bowman's house reminded me of the school on Wayward Pines. There's no doubt it would give the deeply religious comfort to think aliens they've never seen were sent by Jesus. 

I have no idea what's going to happen, but it seems impossible they can all continue to operate in such close proximity with each other without stepping on each other's feet. It's coming to a head, and fast.

If you want to see more, you can watch Colony online right here via TV Fanatic. This one really makes you think!

Broussard Review

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Colony Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Broussard: What else would you do if someone put a gun to Will's head?
Katie: I've been clear from the beginning that my family comes first.

Everything I have is on the line right now because of you. I came to this cause because of you, because I believed that you were the one person that I knew that might be able to make a difference. And then you bring me up here, and you question my loyalty.