Younger Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Like a Boss

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Conversations like the one Kelsey and Liza shared as Kelsey was deep into a panic attack while wearing a ridiculous dress before her launch party give me hope they will one day be friends while knowing Liza's truth.

The relationships on Younger are so fabulous, and with the launch of MIllennial Print, Younger Season 2 Episode 3 highlighted how wonderful they are because it's such a stressful time.

Liza came close to losing Josh again, but he couldn't let her go. Even though there is something waiting in the wings between Charles and Liza, Josh and Liza are taking things one day at a time, and it's working.

I soooo did not realize that Kelsey wouldn't be getting a raise for her new role as Editor and Chief on Millennial Print. Doe she, like Liza, have to keep all of her other responsibilities? 

It getting an imprint kind of like an honor that is really a sink or swim venture, wherein your paycheck is determined on what you did before, and once the new imprint starts making money, you will then transition over to it on a permanent basis, giving up your old duties? 

Yes, I did some investigating, but I'm guessing all cases are different. Maybe only Liza is on borrowed time? Diana sure wants to make her pay her dues. Although it was probably fortuitous Liza was so busy just in time to be standing in for Diana's steps in her competition with her friend.

I think going forward, anytime Lauren is involved with anything, the gals have to take heed that it's going to be a strange result. Those designers were straight up weird. Who would dress Kelsey like a massive clam shell and think she looked good?

It was bad enough people thought Kelsey did something untoward to be given such a great opportunity (what a great world we live in) like the imprint in the first place, but then to arrive in that dress? Just no.

And what on earth was up with Lauren's dad waltzing around in his underwear? At least we know how Lauren got so free. I wonder if he would have been so open if he had known Liza's real age. The luster would have probably been gone! 

But the way Kelsey and Liza work together is amazing. They're supportive, they're on the same page and success will really be a team effort.

When Kelsey was feeling at her lowest, she confided in Liza that she felt like a fraud, like a little girl playing dress up who had no right to be the boss. Liza knows better than anybody what it feels like to fake it 'til you make it

And when they were each giving the speech, it was beautiful. I'm glad Charles recognizes how important they are to each other, as well. 

I'm still of a mind that Charles sees more than that in Liza, but if it happens eventually, then it happens. That will mean she's not right for Josh for whatever reason, and we'll have to roll with that when it comes.

For now, it seems like everything is right with the world!

What did you think of "Like a Boss"? Stick around and chat a while. 

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Like a Boss Review

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Younger Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Josh: Babe! You're not a millennial.
Liza: Yeah, and Dr. Dre is not a doctor.

Lauren: This is Hector and Dorff's statement on Kelsey the Boss.
Kelsey: Oh my God! They hate me, too?!