Supernatural Season 11 Episode 10 Review: The Devil in the Details

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Looks like Dean’s nightmare of the devil and the Darkness on Earth has become a reality.

While it appeared as if Supernatural Season 11 Episode 10 simply concluded the cage match between Lucifer and Sam, quickly wrapping up that story as a side stop with a dead end, a shocking twist and a major death in the last moments of the hour revealed that Lucifer’s part to play has only just begun.

And Sam and Dean don’t have a clue that their friend has become the enemy.

Lucifer taking over Castiel was certainly a shock, and Misha Collins emulated Mark Pellegrino’s performance as the devil incredibly well. The mannerisms and inflections in the dialog made me feel as if it was indeed Lucifer that was now wearing the trench coat, even if he was being played by a different actor.

I’m actually intrigued by the turn of events, and interested to see where this part of the story goes for both Castiel and Lucifer.

It makes me wonder about Castiel’s reasoning to even choose to say yes. Did that whole “expendable” conversation make him think that allowing Lucifer as Castiel would be far easier for Sam and Dean to take out than say Sam or Dean having to take each other out?

And as for Lucifer, now that he’s topside, can he actually defeat the Darkness? Does he even really want to? There’s got to be more to his plan; after all, he is the Devil.

But while I think the twist is a cool one, I’m a little confused how it’s even possible. Maybe I’m a little rusty on the vessel rules, but is it even possible for Lucifer to enter the vessel with Castiel in it? Can Jimmy Novak’s body even handle a power like Lucifer?

At the same time, I will miss Pellegrino’s appearance onscreen as Lucifer. Even for this hour, he provided for some mesmerizing scenes, whether it was taking Sam on his memory tour or beating the crap out of the good guys in the cage.

Plus, he makes Lucifer so convincing in his arguments and so menacing in his threats. There’s a reason he’s stood out as one of the top villains on this show.

I did enjoy taking the trip into the past with him and Sam as well as seeing the return of Colin Ford as a younger Sam (but yeah, he’s grown up a lot since his last appearance), that apocalyptic battle in Supernatural Season 5, and even the return of Amelia.

The dialog seemed a little on the nose about where it all went wrong as Sam stood watching that last flashback, but I was glad that even after Lucifer called him out for changing, Sam still refused to let him take over.

He held his ground, trusting in his family and friends to get him out of there and find another way to take on the Darkness.

I think Lucifer isn’t going to let that one go now that he’s out and about. After all, look at what he did to one of his loyal followers. He snapped Rowena’s neck like it was nothing.

I can’t say I’m bummed we won’t be getting more of Rowena (though, I guess it is possible she can make a return somehow), but what a rough way to die. And at the hands of someone she trusted. Turns out, you really shouldn’t trust the Devil because he is, well, the Devil.

So does that mean Sam should believe everything he said? Like has Michael actually gone cuckoo in the cage?

And what about Adam? We did technically get a glimpse of him/Michael falling into the cage again. But maybe that’s all the writers are going to give when it comes to that particular road. Poor, Adam.

While the hour dragged a bit in the beginning, and I grew tired of the Crowley and Rowena banter scenes, things did pick up on their way to a surprising ending that really set things in motion for the rest of Supernatural Season 11.

Because the Darkness has to go down. And did anyone notice she seemed a little winded from that smiting? Either way, having to deal with the Darkness and the Devil as one of your best friends is going to be no easy road for Sam and Dean.

They'll be able to find a way to win ... right?

What did you think of that twist? Is the Darkness wounded? Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online now so you don't miss a thing!

Note: Supernatural Season 11 Episode 11, "Into the Mystic," airs Jan. 27 at 9/8c.

The Devil in the Details Review

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