Supergirl Round Table: Go Winn!

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Winn took center stage on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 10, and we got a little more insight into what his childhood was like after his father broke out of prison. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Christine Orlando, and Paul Dailly discuss where Winn and Kara stand, Maxwell's huge discovery, and the Toyman's creepy factor. 

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How will Winn's confession affect his friendship with Kara?

Jim: In the short run, things are going to be a little awkward, but I think in the long run, once Winn meets a girl who falls in love with him, it will end up being all good.

Kathleen: While it may make things awkward, as Jim suggested, the confession should also probably make for a healthier relationship on the whole, regardless of whether or not they move beyond friendship and into romance. At the very least, they both know where he stands. Now it's up to Kara to figure out exactly where *she* stands!

Christine: First off, Go Winn! I’m so proud of him for not backing down from that kiss or ignoring it. He put it all out there, and yes, that will make things awkward for a while, but maybe it gives him a real shot with Kara. Even if it doesn’t it, then like Jim pointed out, he can move on with someone else and have no regrets.

Paul: It’s going to make things very awkward for at least a little while, but there’ll be a new villain wreaking havoc, so that should take it away somewhat. I do hope they work things out ASAP though.

Should Hank embrace his powers or continue to hide them?

Jim: My inner Justice League fan says he should embrace them. But to be fair to the character, I can understand why he is hiding them and for the good of the DEO, he should try to avoid using them as much as possible.

Kathleen: Poor J'onn. Both Alex and Kara are pressuring him to use his powers and be "true" to who he is. But I can definitely see his point of view. Beyond the matter of physical appearance, J'onn J'onzz is also a lot older and more experienced than either of them, and he's fully aware of the dangers of his powers. Look at what he did to that guard, with apparently minimal effort on his part. What must that do to him emotionally? What could his powers tempt him to do?

Christine: I think he has to hide them, for now. He can do more good as Hank at the DEO, but spending his life in hiding has to be incredibly stressful. I think that’s what Kara and Alex have keyed into, and they’re friends, so they don’t want that for him. Unfortunately, I think it’s necessary.

Paul: He has to hide them. Look at the attention Supergirl gets. He couldn’t handle that type of attention, so he’s best keeping quiet for now.

Will Lucy working at CatCo complicate things for Team Supergirl?

Jim: Didn't she say she had an office upstairs? What are the odds it is either the same area (or same space) as Supergirl HQ. So, I suspect it will get a little sticky for a bit.

Kathleen: I only expect her presence to complicate things when dramatically necessary and (in)convenient for the plot at hand. Mostly, I expect it to mess with James, given their relationship. "Hey, want check out that great new restaurant, James?" "Er, sorry, I gotta go do this thing... upstairs..."

Christine: Working together can be either great…or stressful. Since James has this big Supergirl secret, not to mention growing feelings for Kara, things will definitely be complicated.

Paul: It will. She’s going to wonder why James/Winn/Kara are disappearing and having conversations in secret. She’s not going to be pleased if she walks in on a super conversation because they’ll immediately stop talking when she shows up and that just looks plain awkward.

What will Maxwell Lord do with the knowledge that Alex is Supergirl's sister?

Jim: Nothing good, that's for sure. I suspect that Alex is going to become "bait" before she realizes that Maxwell Lord knows the truth. Here is hoping that Hank decides to use his gifts one more time to take that memory.

Kathleen: That had me wanting to throw things at the TV, mostly because it apparently didn't occur to Alex that the very smart, very sneaky, very shifty Maxwell Lord might take advantage of their meeting himself. (Also, wasn't it convenient that the camera happened to be pointed in exactly the right direction?) I suspect Maxwell has a little blackmail in mind, potentially. Or maybe now he knows where to loose his secret science project weapon girl.

Christine: Alex was so sure she had things under control. Yeah, not so much. I’m with Jim on this one. I think he’ll be using Alex to trap Kara in the next couple of episodes.

Paul: He’s obviously going to use it to his advantage to try get one up on her, but I agree that for Alex, it was very stupid. Also, doesn’t Supergirl have super hearing? Wouldn’t she notice a different noise in her own apartment?

Where does the Toyman fall on the spectrum of creepiest villains? Do you think we'll see him again?

Jim: Henry Czerny plays creepy very well. His absolute belief that he was doing the right thing made the character that much more creepy. For a rating, I would put him high on the scale for enjoying his screen time, but middle of the road for truly creepy.

Kathleen: I found him more sad and tragic than creepy, as such. As Jim pointed out, he didn't even understand what he was doing was wrong. It was perfectly logical and reasonable to him to blow up a convention full of people. You want a truly creepy villain, check out NCIS Season 4 Episode 10 and the way the actress just shifts in a moment between weeping abuse victim to psychopathic serial-killing cannibal. That, my friends, was creepy. Compared to her, Toyman rates maybe a two on the creepiness scale. As to whether we'll see him again? Well, he's not dead, now is he...

Christine: I HATE creepy toys and Toyman really keyed into that. Toys with creepy voices and/or eyes that follow you…ugh! I’m probably going to have nightmares after this episode.

Paul: It was good to see Henry Czerny, but he was a textbook villain. He was annoying and I could care less about him.

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