Supergirl Round Table: Bizzaro Supergirl?

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Hank's tragic back story was revealed on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 11 when a White Martian kidnapped a senator. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, and Paul Dailly discuss Kara's potential new love interest, Bizzaro Supergirl, and Winn's avoidance of Kara.

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Did you miss Winn helping out this week?

Jim: I really want to say I did miss him, but the truth is, I didn't. Him giving Kara the cold shoulder and not even trying to be friendly when clearly she was, annoyed me to the point of nearly being done with him.

Christine: I agree, Jim. He knew he was taking a chance by telling her the truth and I can understand some tension between them, but there was no reason for him to cut her off like that. I thought I would have missed him, but I just didn’t.

Kathleen: Sadly, I'm with you two. Winn's blowing her off just makes him come across like a jerk, even though I can understand that he's feeling hurt from her rejection last week. Hopefully, things will be better next time.

Paul: Not really. I agree with everyone else. What he did was a terrible move and I hope Kara doesn't forgive him any time soon.

Should Kara date Adam? Do you think he will stick around for awhile?

Jim: I think Kara should go with her gut on this one. As for Adam sticking around, given that he is an adult I'm just hoping they aren't following the comic book path, where he was killed (as a child) by the Toymaker who we _just_ met.

Christine: I’d like to see Kara go out and have some fun. She and James have great chemistry, but since he’s taken, she needs to get out there and enjoy herself. If that’s with Adam, that’s fine by me. I just hope what Jim mentions about about him being killed as a child doesn’t turn out to be true here. That would be tragic.

Kathleen: While Kara is definitely due for some fun, there's something to be said about dating the boss's offspring...

Paul: All signs are pointing to him sticking around for at least a while. I really liked him and Kara together. They could make a very good couple.

Did you think Hank would end up killing the White Martian? Should he have?

Jim: I can't say if he should have or not. Thankfully I haven't been in a position of facing off against a being that murdered my family and my race. I do think that if Kara and Alex hadn't been there he J'onn would have done it with little to no hesitation.

Christine: I certainly wouldn’t have blamed him if he had. I think Kara’s loss and Hank’s are different. I have little doubt they will face off again and probably sooner rather than later. I just hope Hank/J'onn survives their next encounter.

Kathleen: I think that it's easy to armchair quarterback in such a situation. That said, being there would have tempted pretty much anyone to murder. J'onn has lost so much, more than I think most of us can actually fathom, and I'm a bit surprised he didn't just kill the White Martian anyway. On the other hand, this is a family show.

Paul: I think he would have killed the White Martian, but I'm glad he didn't. It would have changed his character forever.

Who is the "other" Supergirl? What is Lord's plan for her?

Jim: I'm guessing she is going to end up as some "Bizzaro" Supergirl where Lord is going to use her to try and ruin Supergirl's name and/or destroy her. At least that's what all the Bizzaros have done in the comics, and I don't see any reason this wouldn't stick to the tried and true trope.

Christine: I agree with Jim. Lord is making his own Bizzaro Supergirl in order to take down the real thing.

Kathleen: I'm wondering if, regardless of Lord's plan, she may turn out to have a mind of her own. That would definitely be an interesting take on the "evil twin" trope.

Paul: The Supergirl on the TV looked exactly like Kara, but Lord's chick looked considerably different, unless she's a shape-shifter and I missed something. His plan would be to destroy Supergirl.

Will we see more of the White Martians in the future?

Jim: I'm guessing we will. The Martian screaming that there were thousands of them and millions of them seems like foreshadowing to me. Maybe we will find a White Martian who hates what they did to the Green Martians and disguises themself as a Green Martian to try and help J'onn.

Christine: It certainly sounds as though the White Martians are on their way. I just hope that millions of them don’t show up at once or else Supergirl and everyone else on the planet are in big trouble.

Kathleen: It would be silly to introduce them now and then just forget about them! Especially since they're such a big part of J'onn J'onzz's backstory. I'm with Jim in hoping that this is foreshadowing something down the line. Maybe not even this season, but definitely at some point.

Paul: Yeah, most likely. I don't see why not and their storyline seems like one of the more interesting ones to come out of the show so far.

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