Shameless Round Table: Mother Debbie?

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The Gallaghers are finally back, and they gave our panelists a lot to discuss. 

On Shameless Season 6 Episode 1, Debbie decided she was keeping her baby, but she lied to Fiona. Fiona had her hands full with Carl's return and a new job opportunity. 

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans and Paul Dailly are joined by super fan, Amy Perrin. Join in as they discuss Fiona's job offer, the state of Mickey and Ian's relationship and all things Frank. 

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What do you make of Frank's love for Bianca?

Stacy: His grieving process is definitely creepy, but it's Frank, he's always creepy. It did seem like he really cared about Bianca though, which is new for him. Usually he's playing some angle.

Whitney: It's extremely over the top, but Frank takes everything too far, so it's not overly surprising he's acting this way. I agree with Stacy though, Bianca did have a profound impact on him and he did seem to really care for her.

Amy: Frank has always been cuckoo, but this was a whole new kind of crazy, at least in my opinion. His love for Bianca seems very obsessive. His dry humping her bra and panties in the graveyard was gross. I hope that his grieving ends soon, as I would like to see him get back to his regular shenanigans.

Paul: It was crazy. Frank isn't the sharpest tool in the toolbox, but this storyline is such a departure for him that I don't quite know what to think of it.

Will Debbie keep the baby?

Stacy: I don't see her actually having a baby. I would not be surprised if she ends up having a miscarriage.

Whitney: I'm torn on this, but I think right now I'm leaning towards she will. Even with Derek skipping town, I think she sees this baby as a blessing, not a burden, and she'll want to keep it.

Amy: Yes, I think she will. She is in love with Derek, or at least she thinks she is, and that is why she got pregnant in the first place. Even though Derek left town, this baby is a part of him and I think she just wants to have someone to really love.

Paul: I'd like her to. She's had enough experience with running the daycare and all.

Was Fiona right to accept the job as Assistant Manager?

Stacy: Yes, it is a good opportunity for her, and it could help lead to better jobs later. She's supporting a family, it's not just about her, so she needs to do what's best for them and not worry about what the other employees are going to think.

Whitney: She couldn't turn it down, but I'm not sure Sean should have offered it to her in the first place. If you work in the kind of environment where it's okay to openly date your boss, that's one thing, but I think you have to draw the line at promotions. That's a surefire way to cause tension amongst your staff.

Amy: Yes, I do. I think she is great at her job, and even though she is sleeping with Sean, Fiona is smart, and the customers love her. This could be a good opportunity for her.

Paul: I'm in the minority here. I don't think she should have taken it. There are some politics in a workplace, and Fiona has just gone and created an even worse atmosphere in Patsy's. She has worked there a few months, and there should have been a formal application for the job. 

How will Lip's cougar storyline play out, now that he's attacked her son?

Stacy: I think she's going to realize that his feelings are stronger than her own and end the relationship. That's what should happen anyway.

Whitney: I forgot what Lip is like when he's super into someone (or thinks he is). Everyone remember crazy Karen? Anyway, this storyline is kind of blah for me, but the previews lead me to believe it's headed towards an eventual clash with the husband.

Amy: Lip is definitely more interested in his cougar professor than she is in him, almost to the point of being obsessed. Now that he has beaten up her son, I have a feeling their relationship will come to and end.

Paul: It's going to turn sour. The cougar will know now that he is more serious about her than she'd like.

How do you feel about the direction Mickey/Ian's storyline went?

Stacy: I like these two, but I wouldn't expect Ian to wait eight years for Mickey to get out. It doesn't mean they can't stay friends though.

Whitney: Mickey is my favorite character by far, so knowing he won't be around this season makes me very, very upset. Hopefully, we will get to check in with him at least once more, maybe during the finale.

Amy: I don't like it. Mickey should not be in jail, even though I understand why he is. It was sad that the only way Ian would visit Mickey was because Svetlana paid him. However, once there and talking with Mickey, he did seem sincere about waiting for him. I hope that Mickey doesn't have to spend the entire season stuck in there.

Paul: It sucks that they are both apart, but Mickey has broken the law several times, so for him to continue to evade justice, it wouldn't be very realistic. Ian is battling a lot of demons right now, but I'm pretty glad that he's waiting for Mickey.

Grade the Season 6 Premiere!

Stacy: I'll give it a B. It was funny, but there wasn't enough of my favorite character Kevin in the premiere. I'm also not loving where Carl's story is going. I think Fiona taking the position could lead to some funny stuff and I'm curious to see where Lip's situation goes.

Whitney: B-. There were definitely some funny parts, and I'm really interested in Debbie's storyline and also seeing what's next for Ian, but I could do without Carl's new attitude and Lip's cougar affair.

Amy: I would give it a solid B. It is great having Shameless back, but there are some things that they could improve upon as the season progresses. I would like to see Mickey get out of jail, and Frank get over his grieving of Bianca. Does anyone else miss Sheila?

Paul: B+. It's different, but it's still very good. I miss Sheila dearly. Where is she?!

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