Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who Is Uber A?

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Uber A enters the game!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 13 found the girls showing us just how much things have changed in the five years, with some make mature decisions and some make not so smart ones.

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Rachel Miller are joined by Meaghan from The Hunt for A . Join in as they discuss Uber A, Spaleb's first hook up and Emily's secret.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

React to that Spaleb Hook up.

Meaghan: I've been frustrated by many story lines on this show, but never as much as I have been with this one. I love Hanna for being a good friend and giving the go ahead but Spencer waited about 5 min after she got that to go for it. I'm incredibly disappointed in Spencer. It's not like Caleb is someone Hanna dated for a month. He was one of her most significant relationships. There are just certain exes that are off limits no matter what. 

Jay: I thought it was refreshing. Yes, we all know Hanna and Caleb will end up together, but it's interesting to see these new pairings. Plus, it'll make for some juicy drama, even though Hanna said it was okay, which is what the writers want.

Rachel: I agree when Melissa told Spencer she’s known for shopping out of other people’s carts. Spencer seems to always go after people’s leftovers. Caleb was Hanna’s first love. The thought of Caleb and Spencer being an item is uneasy, I don’t approve one bit.

Is Lucas really rich?

Meaghan: I want to say yes but I'm hesitant. I always liked Lucas. Maybe he is just an example of how it gets better after high school. He went through all those years of suffering, being bullied and being called Hermie. Now he is flourishing. On the other hand, maybe he inherited this money from Cece and he is the red devil?

Jay: I don't see why not. He's computer smart and you can really make a living designing apps now. I want to see that he grew up and moved on from what Alison did to him for all those years.

Rachel: I hope so! Lucas had a hard time in high school with all of the bullying he had to deal with. He’s always been a tech savvy guy, so I’m glad he put those tech skills to good use.

What did you think of Emily's revelation?

Meaghan: A little bit of a let down. Makes sense though. Despite Emily saying she was doing it for good reasons, Emily is broke and you get a lot of money for egg donations. 

Jay: I thought it was a bit of a cop out. Yes, the explanation makes sense, but it would've been more interesting to twist Emily's pregnancy story from the books and fit it into this story somehow. Maybe have her be a surrogate for someone, and that's how she's getting her money.

Rachel: I agree with Jay. Emily’s secret was definitely a let down, and I would’ve loved to see her pregnancy story from the books in the show. I guess I can say, I’m relieved Emily isn't dying from an illness though. She’s always had it harder than the other girls.

Has the five year time jumped successfully reinvented the show?

Meaghan: I think it definitely has brought new life into some of the characters, Hanna, Aria and Ezra in particular. Although, I wish they wouldn't insist on some of the parallels to the first season. I could definitely do without "The Sara Thing", especially because it wasn't their fault at all. She got electrocuted. Even if they stayed to help, that damage to her hands would have been done. To me it just feels like they are trying to force the parallel to "The Jenna Thing" way too much. 

Jay: I agree with Meaghan, "The Sara Thing" is really annoying and I wish the writers would stop pushing it. She hurt herself. Maybe if she wasn't taking so many showers, she would've have been wet enough to electrocute herself. It doesn't seem to be the girls' fault. But other than that, the show feels really fresh and I'm enjoying the new pairings. It amazes me how much Hanna has matured and I didn't know I could love her more than before.

Rachel: I really hate that everything that has happened so far is a parallel to the previous seasons. The whole Sara thing is nowhere near exciting as the Jenna thing was. With the time jump, everyone seems more mature and poised, but we all know their old ways will eventually come back to haunt them as time goes on. 

What do you expect to happen in the next few weeks?

Meaghan: In the next few weeks I expect some serious drama to unfold. I think the Spaleb thing is going to cause a lot of issues among the girls. I can't wait for Toby to find out. I also think the new big bad is going to start going full force and show the girls, and us, what they are made of.

Jay: Probably some more seriously threatening texts from this new stalker. 5 years is a long time to plan your revenge and this seems like it was a long time coming. Plus, I want to see why Ezra is so shady and secretive about the night Charlotte died.

Rachel: I want to know what exactly does the new villain has against the girls. They’ve been gone from Rosewood for five years. Why wait so long to bring more trouble into their lives?

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