Outlander Casts Sophie Skelton as Brianna

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Welcome to the fold, Sophie Skelton!

Skelton will join Outlander as Brianna, but strikingly beautiful, intelligent beyond her years, ginger-haired daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser who has a distinctly scholastic mind-set.

Sophie Skelton

Seen in many television series outside of the United States, Skelton is a relative newcomer to these shores.

In the books, Brianna, or Bree, is Jamie's daughter, but has been raised in America, believing she is Frank Randall's daughter. 

So far, we know Outlander Season 2 will focus on Claire and Jamie in Paris as the attempt alter the course of history and prevent the doomed Highlander uprising, forever ending the Scottish way of life as they know it.

Of course, changing the future is a lot more difficult than they imagined.

With this new casting, fans can now try to figure out what else may occur and when! 

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