New Girl Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Big Mama P

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All hail Winston the hero!

It's no secret that New Girl Season 4 was choppy and uneven. It seemed like characters were being written strangely and storylines were all over the place. I was nervous about what a new season would bring.

Thankfully, New Girl Season 5 Episode 1 erased all those worries away and even threw in an outstanding dance number to make things even better. Let's get right down to it and discuss, "Big Mama P."

It was pretty comical watching the parallels between Schmidt asking Nick to be his best man and Cece asking Jess to be her maid of honor. It really would have been perfect to switch the roles around and have Schmidt ask Jess and Cece ask Nick – Schmidt and Jess seem way more into the whole wedding thing.

Regarding the wedding, is anyone else surprised by how elaborate Schmidt wants the wedding? I can't even begin to imagine what direction they end up going, but I will guess things won't go as planned and it will turn into some type of low key affair. At least Schmidt has a pretty awesome vision board.

The plus side about this whole wedding is the relationship between Schmidt and Jess. It's almost like these two were always meant to plan a wedding together with the way they were discussing everything. I also wasn't shocked to learn Cece hadn't told her mom about being engaged to Schmidt.

Jess should have known Cece would have been nervous about sharing her engagement news with her mom because of the scrutiny she knew she was going to receive. It was pretty heartbreaking how stubborn Cece's mom was about the engagement, and it's a shame she didn't give her blessing.

Moving on to another topic, Winston being the hero police officer was great. While I know a lot of people are over Winston being stupid-funny, it just fits him perfectly. Winston is always going to be the one person who wears his heart on his sleeve, but is also a complete moron when it comes to various situations.

In the end, I was reminded why I have always stuck with this show – the friendship. Say what you will about Schmidt and Cece getting married, but when Jess, Winston and Nick gave their blessing my heart grew three sizes. At the end of the day, New Girl is about the love between friends and how far we'll go to make sure our friends are happy. 

What did you think of Cece's mom not giving her blessing? Will Nick end up being a great best man? 

Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic anytime. Just come back to let us know what you think. 

Big Mama P Review

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