Galavant Review: Did They Just Kill [SPOILER]?

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We have never seen Galavant more fed up with Richard than we did in this episode.

Why Galavant trusted Richard with the Jewel of Valencia, or even allowed him any access to it, is beyond me.

Now they have one non-dragon and zero bribes to give to the Giants. 

Perfect pair. A dragon that isn't a dragon and king who isn't a king.


There are some things I have grown to expect from this show, but the West Side Story-style snapping dance battle, in Galavant Season 2 Episode 5 caught me by surprise in the best way. The Giants versus the Dwarves echoing the Jets versus the Sharks was spot on.  

The funniest moment of "Giants vs Dwarves" came when we met the very short Giants, who were actually just regular sized men, and their fierce rivals, the very tall Dwarves (grumbles). The Dwarves (grumbles) were actually the exact same size as the Giants. 

Do you really want to die in a battle this ludicrous?


Richard's song to his lizard (that he thinks is a dragon) was purposefully strange with a lot of slow motion spinning. Richard's unwavering faith in things is very endearing and it's easy to see why Roberta is falling for him. 

A Wanted Man - Galavant

Roberta continues to be the voice of reason in a sea of crazy, crazy men. I had hoped that there would be more development on the Richard and Roberta romance front, but it seems we will have to wait. 

As horrible as Gareth and Madalena are, I am happy they have each other. Now that Wormword has weaseled his way to them, things are bound to get worse for the kingdoms of Valencia and Hortensia. The three worst people on the show are all in the same castle, which can only mean trouble. 

Poor Sid. He is on the run and sings a very Les Mis style song to rally the villagers against the castle but he still ends up all alone. They need to find him a friend. 

The Forest of Coincidence is every writers dream! Sid and Wormwood were able to get everything they needed to move onto their next chapters without any long winded explanation. Brilliant! 

Am I planning a royal wedding or a medical convention?


Did you catch the part where Wormwood reveals to Isabella that the only weapon that can kill him is the sword Richard pulled from the stump a few episodes back? Let's hope that it's Isabella who gets to deliver the final blow to Wormwood, using that sword. 

Isabella is finally free of that stupid crown thanks to an edgy, hip princess. Seeing her back to normal is a welcomed change but I will miss her plucky wedding planning songs. Wormwood storming off and turning back to give her actual wedding planning advice was hilarious. 

The Broken Crown - Galavant

The best new development in this episode is the growing bond between Galavant and Richard. This pairing has always had the makings of an epic bromance, but Galavant just needed to commit. Let's hope that in the next episode we will get a good "buddy song" from those two. 

Who knew that Galavant had so many issues with his Dad? It was really sweet to see him able to move past his childhood troubles and bond with his father. Cabbage catch anyone? 

You know us old school knights. We can really only express ourselves through tapestry.

Sir Arnold

Richard "playing" with the kids at Sir Arnold's was the highlight of Galavant Season 2 Episode 6, particularly when he gets frustrated and starts punching the kids. If you missed it, you can Watch Galavant online

Again, we are given some new character mix ups. This show does a good job of shaking up the groups every now and then to keep things fresh. Like when Sid finds Galavant and Richard, that was a very sweet reunion. 

Now, we need to talk about that ending! There is no way they just killed Galavant, right? RIGHT?! If he does survive this, will he ever see Isabella again?

Do you think he will pull through? Tell us what you think in the comments below! 

Giants vs. Dwarves Review

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Galavant Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Am I planning a royal wedding or a medical convention?


Do you really want to die in a battle this ludicrous?