Wicked City: Unaired Episodes Now on Hulu!

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Wicked City was to be an anthology series with each season featuring a different story in a different year.

Unfortunately, 1982 wasn't the best year for Bonnie and Clyde like duo Kent and Betty who saw their story slashed after Wicked City Season 1 Episode 3, much as Kent ended his victims.

Hulu, which had the first three already streaming on its site, now has the first seven, including four unaired on ABC. It is also expected to receive and offer the eighth and final episode, delivering the full story for this anthology.

Ed Westwick - Wicked City

On the series, Ed Westwick stars as Kent, a charming psychopath who could easily con women into being his victims. Erica Christensen stars as Betty, at first a victim who Kent then realizes might be a love match and accomplice. His perfect partner in crime.

Executive Producer Laurie Zaks shared on Twitter on November 17 an update on filming the final installment noting, "We finished filming 8eps today with a great ending. Suitable 4 streaming. The story is complete." Expect that episode to join the others when available.

We know how much you guys loved to talk about the merits of Wicked City. Now is your chance to see the story in its entirety and decide whether it was truly deserving of whatever type of comments were lobbed its way.

Who will be tuning into Hulu to watch the ending? Let us know!

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Wicked City Quotes

First, do no harm.

Betty Beaumontaine

Become the very thing you want to be loved for.

Kent Grainger