The Affair Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Lobster Roll

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Once again, we're seeing the damage cheating has on your relationship.

After watching The Affair Season 2 Episode 11, it doesn't seem likely Noah and Alison will ever fully trust one another. As so many remind them, they did start off their relationship cheating on their spouses, dontcha know, so should either of them really expect loyalty?

It's a valid question, and one nobody who ever starts a future with someone who cheated on a spouse can ever escape.

A Momentous Decision - The Affair

Watching Cole and Luisa move forward with their new life was kind of touching. Cole remains a solid guy, and it's impossible not to believe him when he says he'll do whatever Luisa wants when it comes to the Lobster Roll.

Of course, we saw the light go off over his head after he had sex with her without the harassment of her boss for a delightful 45 minute period of time. Luisa was the reason Cole thought about buying the Lobster Roll. If she wasn't a restaurateur looking for a place to manage, the words of Scotty would have continued to fall onto deaf ears.

We also know why Alison was at the Lobster Roll in Oscar's video, although it's surprising the name of the place is Lockhart's Lobster Roll. Then again, alliteration is always appealing. (Four As in that sentence for the win!) Cole and Alison went into business together. Scotty seemed to be strung out in the video, so rehab probably didn't take.

That poor guy. Life just wasn't something that was going to work out for him. If he wasn't hit by a car, he was probably going to die due to substance abuse problems. But Cole didn't give up on him. Although if he didn't cut him in after rehab, that could be why he was still a mess.

Even wasted, though, Scotty could keep a secret. That's pretty admirable. He could blow up his brother's world, and he didn't do it. Whether out of love or something else, he held it tight. Not many junkies can do that (I say, acting as if I know a lot of junkies...).

Noah's dramatic notion that Alison left him merely because she was gone for the day and not answering her phone, as well as the way he overreacted to Max sleeping with Helen indicated to me he's still in love with Helen. All roads point to that. Or am I the only one who sees it?

Noah immediately wants to see the worst in Alison (and, granted, he should when it comes to some things), and the way his temper flares when it comes to Helen is telling. He got caught up in a moment that turned into his life. Whoops.

I think he hopes Alison would be gone so he could do what he wanted to do, whether that would be flitting to Paris to finish his opus or pursuing Helen out from under the arms of the good looking doctor. He just doesn't want to be with Alison.

The one thing that seemed odd was how the prosecution was using Max's testimony as hugely damning evidence. I suppose it's because Noah never said anything about it, right? Because he did tell Gottlief he hit a deer and there was blood and stuff all over his car. That would be expected. Washing it off not an issue unless they're just showing in court he's still holding back evidence.

Max's knowing smile to Noah at the end? Noah was probably there doing just that. He had no reason to think Max saw him or would ever say anything. Why hadn't the prosecution questioned him earlier or what changed his mind about sharing the information? The argument about Helen was long before that day in court.

Can you even IMAGINE if they hadn't renewed The Affair? I mean, they've obviously been given some indication at the beginning of the season that it was going to be renewed, right? They can't just write this open ended of a story and not expect to be coming back.

There's one episode left, and while I was watching this one I figured there were only two possible topics for the finale. Either Noah would find out he's not the daddy or they'd focus on the wedding day because we've not seen one second of it. Looks like we're in for a doozy of a wedding on a special, extended episode.

Hit me up! What do you think is coming for us during the wedding on The Affair Season 2 Episode 12? Did you learn anything new on Episode 11? Surprised to discover the exes were in business together? Chat about it!

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To buy the restaurant? You, me and your ex?


Scotty: Oh, the prodigal son returns.
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