Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Old College Try

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Scorpion House needs a motto and some colors. Anyone have any suggestions?

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11, the geniuses were sent back to college. It's almost impossible for me to pick my favorite undercover moments. Walter battling with the theater kids, and Happy mingling with the sorority girls are tied for first place.

Walter's debate with his students was absolutely hilarious, and come on, we all know people who get upset when you say "guys" and there are girls present. I call a lot of my girl friends, "dude." It's fine. Get over it.

University Undercover - Scorpion

Walter even performed Shakespeare, which was a jaw dropping moment. If you had to make me pick which Team Scorpion member would be the most likely to perform Shakespeare and ace it, I would have picked Toby. Who would you pick?

There was a HUGE Happy moment, maybe even two, while she was covered in pink and pretending to rush a sorority. Mavis, the MVP of the episode, encouraged Happy to lower her shield because she would never have a surrogate family if she kept her guard up. Then, Happy asked herself why she can't ever be normal. 

Happy, bb, I have faith in you.

It was so great for Happy to have this moment that was brought on by strangers. Toby, in his quest for her love, wasn't the one who pushed her; and Paige, in her quest to help Team Scorpion connect with the world, didn't do the trick either. It was normal, everyday people, and it was the words of a stranger that got through to Happy the most.

The Quintis slow dance was made possible by Mavis. Bless you, Mavis. Bless you.

Toby also had a painful character moment. He was confronted with his nemesis, Quincy. Either we didn't know about Amy or it has been forever since she was mentioned, but I forgot/didn't know Toby was engaged to someone who left him for another man. 

Quincy's words to Toby were a slap in the face, but also, hopefully, a wake up call. I'd love to see him try to make sure that he didn't fall into his old patterns whenever things start to progress with Happy. I want Toby to be afraid of being the one who ruins Quintis. It would be a fantastic character moment, and hopefully Sylvester can help Toby out, after all Toby was the one who helped Sylvester with Megan. 

The case really wasn't all that interesting. What was amazing was everyone's time undercover. Those moments were pure joy, especially Happy's scenes in the sorority. This was exactly the kind of light and fun case we needed after the emotional turmoil that Scorpion Season 2 Episode 10 put us through.

The actual case itself didn't have much intrigue to it, and it felt rushed. I guess I missed the part in the briefing where the professor died. Then we had a hostage situation that lasted all of two seconds. It was hard to be genuinely concerned for Paige when she was barely even in danger. Kudos to Paige for staying strong and making Rider believe that the two kids weren't hiding in the apartment. 

Why can't any of you people get along with anyone else?


This was actually a great case for Paige. She kept all the geniuses calm and in character. Even though she sat out most of the case, she was the glue that kept the undercover missions together, and it was really amusing to hear her talking to everyone, trying to keep them from blowing their cover. Paige was in den mother mode, and I loved it.

Aside from the undercover aspect, the highlight of the case was the team decked out in astronaut suits. I mean that slow-mo walk across campus was everything. 

It's been six weeks since Megan died. Okay, damn it, pull yourself together, Allison. NO TEARS!

There were a lot of sweet moments, like Happy making the picture frame for Sly and Walter putting a picture of him and her into Ralph's time capsule. Those were small but touching moments, and they made me cry.

The best moment of all was Paige getting Sylvester to calm down by having him think of Megan. Her entire speech to him was so sweet. Paige highlighted all the reasons why Sylvester and Megan were a great match. And now I'm tearing up again.

Ray decided it was time to leave the garage. His departure felt sudden. I guess we never really knew how much the death of his partner impacted how Ray lived his life until the moment when Walter proved Ray's innocence. 

Don't worry, brother. I'm like a cold sore. You'll never know when I'll be back.


Before Ray left, he passed on some advice to Paige. That's right, Ray's final act in the Team Scorpion garage (for now) was to make sure his OTP, Waige, got together. Well, he calls Paige "Pam," so does that mean he ships Wam? Palter?

I'm not quite sure if I agree with Ray though. Yes, Walter has made strides in showing emotion and connecting with people. This doesn't mean he is ready to dive into a relationship. Personally, I would wait it out a bit and give Walter more time to grow and also to grieve his sister. What do you think? Is it time for Paige to make a move, or should Walter be the one who makes the next move?

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the case? Will you miss Ray? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

The winter finale of Scorpion is next Monday! I'm not ready for whatever pain Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12 has in store for us. Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic.

The Old College Try Review

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

The only thing I hate more than hearts is anything frilly or pink, but for Megan, I made an exception.


You look cute. What happened?