Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Thick as Thieves

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Secrets always come to light.

No matter what their intention, when characters start keeping things to themselves, they get in trouble. Rusty learned this the hard way on Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 16. So did the villain of the hour.

The Diamond Thief - Major Crimes

Rusty's personal dilemma gave viewers the opportunity to see Sharon-the-parent in action, which we really haven't seen for a while. She was as direct with Rusty as she is with suspects, and he really needed to hear it. 

And something's wrong with your phone so you couldn't call, couldn't text? Or you just don't want to be friends with Gus?


It would have been interesting to see Flynn weigh in on this, too. By the way, when was he cleared to come to the office? Last we saw him, he was still on bed rest, wasn't he? I'm not complaining about seeing him in his element, but an explanation would have been nice.

From Rusty's brie non-apology to Gus after Gus' testimony, it seemed that perhaps Gus' interest in Rusty was of the more-than-friendship variety. Did anyone else get that vibe?

If so, there's more to Rusty not texting him than not wanting to admit he's been interviewing Slider. It seems Rusty's relationship with TJ fell apart over Rusty not texting or calling unless he needed something.

Naturally, the sleazy defense attorney had to give Rusty the subpoena just as he was finally working up the courage to talk to Gus about the situation. Gus was  understandably emotional, but is anything that lawyer has to say really to be trusted, including his claim that Rusty is Slider's friend? It also defies suspension of disbelief a bit to think that Gus never Googled his sister's case and found Rusty's blog.

Rusty's feelings about Slider are a bit confusing. He was on a mission to demonstrate that Slider's poor upbringing and an unfair system turned him into a killer; now he suddenly wants the whole thing over with quickly.

I see why you guys like deals. It just goes on and on.


Rusty wasn't the only one with an embarrassing secret during "Thick as Thieves." The victim's mother had an even bigger one: she was dating Corey's accomplice and possible killer.

It's hard to know what to make of this woman. At first she seemed to be deep into making excuses for her son's bad behavior. He ran with a bad crowd. He didn't realize how high the bail was this time. Did her con artist boyfriend make similar excuses to keep her from leaving him? Why did she get involved in stealing diamonds?

Did you let your no good son commit and plan this robbery and then knock him off because he got caught?


All clues seemed to point towards Selma killing her own son. She was blissfully unaware of everything that was going on, needed money, and had nothing but stolen diamonds to use to bail Corey out of jail. Was anyone else surprised when it turned out to be Carmen the bail bonds woman instead?

It was a bit disappointing that Avery the con artist with a thousand names turned out to have nothing to do with the murder. That guy was a definite piece of work and it would have been enjoyable to see him try to talk his way out of murder charges. His overconfidence and ability to come up with an answer for everything was entertaining.

He thinks this is gonna be easy cause he's talking to two women.


Did you peg Carmen as the killer before the detectives did? What'd you think of Rusty's personal dilemma? Weigh in below!

As always, if you missed something, you can watch Major Crimes online to get caught up.

Thick as Thieves Review

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