iZombie Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Hurt Stalker

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Remind me never to get on the wrong side of stalker-Liv. She's a little scary, and that's before you factor in the zombie part! 

We had a few close calls on iZombie Season 2 Episode 8, between Liv nearly chowing down on her cell mate's brains, Gilda nearly getting caught sending Major dirty text messages, and Major nearly getting caught with a secret safe full of zombie killing materials. Near misses by all! 

First up, what on earth are Gilda and Vaughn Du Clark up to? 

Obviously they're testing the effects of their new energy drink, Super Max, on zombies in the hopes that they can find a way to avoid making innocent civilians go bonkers. Seems like a solid plan, aside from the fact that this daddy-daughter duo seems to have matching evil grins on their faces all the time.

I've got the brains, we've both got the looks. Let's make money!


Could their big evil plan really just be all about money? Or is there something more nefarious going on? We can't forget that Max Rager might be tied into the original zombie virus and the Utopium trade somehow. The details are still hazy, and it might be a long-term kind of story, but I'm willing to wait it out. 

Now that the Du Clark's have roped Major into being their human test subject, I'm predicting some major fallout – see what I did there? If Major rages out due to Super Max, he might just end up actually killing one of these innocent zombies instead of putting them on ice. 

His zombie killing ways aren't all he has to worry about though, even if Agent Bozzio seems determined to stick around and catch Seattle's serial killer. Keeping such a big secret from Liv will surely not work out well for him. 

Major: You promised you'd fight it.
Liv: I tried, and I lost.

Liv's stalker persona might have been a little intense – who are we kidding, that license plate thing was genius! – but her suspicions weren't exactly unfounded. Major's fling with Gilda and his extra-curricular murder activities are two REALLY BIG secrets to be keeping from his significant other. When you factor in the whole threat on Liv's life thing, it gets to epic proportions of deceit.

Mark my words, Major's lies will start unraveling soon, and Liv's heart will be utterly broken.

All of our speculation about the mysterious package on Bozzio's doorstep in the iZombie Round Table last week seems to have been for naught. Regina's little gift was nothing more than a teaser for this week's episode, which is kind of disappointing to be honest. Babineaux, Bozzio, and that entire romantic subplot could have had a real opportunity to shine in this episode, but sadly, it was an opportunity squandered.

Rather than focus on that burgeoning relationship and the implications of a stalker and possible murder, iZombie once again decided to focus on Liv's side of the story. I love Liv's version of events just as much as the next fan, but the real problem with iZombie Season 1 was that certain supporting characters were majorly sidelined in favor of less appealing elements – mainly, Liv's crime-fighting shenanigans.

As it turns out, iZombie Season 2 looks to be suffering from the same problem. Babineaux continues to play second fiddle, Blaine's appearances have been sporadic at best, Peyton pops in and out of frame, and what the heck happened to Liv's mom and brother? Do they even go here anymore? 

Get your subplots organized, iZombie! Pronto! 

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The Hurt Stalker Review

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I've got the brains, we've both got the looks. Let's make money!


Ravi: I just had a thought. What if you have a vision of having sex with Clive? You might see his 'O' face!
Liv: Really? That's where your mind goes?
Ravi: I bet it's super angry.