The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Always Accountable

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A voice on the radio. A new threat besides the Wolves. Still no word on Glenn.

OK. So that last part was pretty obvious going into The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6, but until we get a clear cut answer, Glenn’s fate is going to continue to hang over episodes that have nothing even remotely to do with him or what happened to him.

And no, that voice crying out for help was not Glenn either… even if we wanted it to be him.

As for who it is? Maybe the guy who stole Daryl’s motorcycle? Somebody from the new big bad group?

I can’t help but think that the cliffhanger tease is going to wind up being a trap, and I can only hope Daryl just ignores it and keeps on driving back to Alexandria.

After all, Daryl already got screwed over twice during the hour, and the second time cost him his crossbow and his motorcycle.

I certainly liked getting some more time to focus on Daryl’s character, and we really got to see just how much of a good guy he is. Not only was he captured and had a gun in his face, but he was willing to return the insulin and even help the people escape from what seems to be a bigger threat.

Was it a stupid move? Maybe, but Daryl has grown as a character, and he’s grown in this new world. Even his teamup with Aaron in going out to find others has influenced him.

He hasn’t lost hope in all humanity, and he can’t help but want to help others these days. He’s just lucky the guy with the gun didn’t pull the trigger.

There’s going to be a next time where it may wind up costing him.

I did like that he used that three-question test again to get a read on the new characters and see about inviting them back to stay at Alexandria. Granted, there’s no way that will ever happen now, but it was good to see Daryl trying to do some good amidst all of the new chaos.

Because while I didn’t care for the new characters that captured Daryl — even that girl getting bit made me do an eye roll — I was at least curious as to the ones after them. We didn’t see that one guy’s face, and they seem to be far more of a bigger danger than say the Wolves.

We did seem to get bits and pieces on this new group, and they definitely don’t seem like they’d want to sit down for a friendly cup of coffee. I’m curious as to when we will see more from them, and what type of storyline that will evolve into.

Let’s just hope if one of them comes across Daryl, he’s not wasting time fumbling around in his bag for a crossbow.

That whole scene with the walker coming after him was absurd. Daryl is a fantastic character, and to have him stupidly stand there was ridiculous. He totally could have just taken the bag and walked away or used something else to take out the walker, or heck, even just run away and then looped back. It was such a lame way to try and create tension, especially when I never worried that Daryl would die or get bit in this episode.

That said, I was glad that he was at least able to come away with that tanker at the end of the hour, and find Sasha and Abraham so they can go back home and kick things off again. These past few episodes have felt far slower after the frenetic pacing of the first three The Walking Dead Season 6 episodes.

Speaking of Sasha and Abraham, I just didn’t care about their little office adventure. Those scenes unfortunately just dragged on, and I was far more eager to get back to Daryl. At least he was involved in something that seemed to further the storyline.

I guess it’s cool that Abraham got that rocket launcher.

Though, I can’t help but wonder if the show is trying to bring Abraham and Sasha together romantically? They seem to have had these moments of facing death and are dealing with some psychological stuff, and there appears to be some connection through that, but what about Rosita? I know it feels like she’s not even on the show, appearing for brief moments, but isn't she Abraham’s girlfriend?

“Always Accountable” was a fair episode. But aside from a few bits of information and that “help” at the end, the hour felt like filler that could have easily been summed up in a sentence or two from one of the three as they arrived back in Alexandria.

I’m just hoping that now that we’ve finally gotten to know what happened to Daryl, Sasha and Abraham, we can proceed forward and get things back into high gear.

Who was that voice? Sound off below, and feast your eyes on walker action when you watch The Walking Dead online now!

Always Accountable Review

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