The Originals Round Table: Welcome to the Club!

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After The Originals Season 3 Episode 4, Marcel Gerard is a member of The Strix, a secret vampire society founded and formed and sired by Elijah Mikaelson.

The elder original thought he was creating an elite group who could influence the world and what he discovered was that they were all raging psychopaths.

Now Marcel counts himself among their ranks. 

What did TV Fanatic think of last week's walk on the wild side? We're glad you asked. Join Christine Laskodi, Miranda Wicker, and Ruthie Heard from The Originals Online now!

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What was your favorite moment from "A Walk on the Wilde Side?"

Christine: The entire sequence where Marcel figured out who stole his daylight ring, and the fight that followed. I love that Marcel kept his integrity, and didn't stoop to killing Mohinder just because Tristan wanted him to. And I always love those Ocean's Eleven heist setups, so the reveal that Hayley bit Marcel first was excellent.

Miranda: As much as I love Jackson and Hayley, I really love the small moments between Hayley and Elijah that give us hope for their future. Having them chat across the balcony was a lovely way to show their bond. Plus, Hayley is Team Always and Forever. (Can we get that on a t-shirt?)

Ruthie: My favorite moment was when Klaus and Lucien crashed The Strix party, so Freya could "rescue" the seer. A drunk Klaus is always a fav for me.

Elijah created the Strix. React:

Christine: They are a perfect culmination of Elijah and Tristan, unfortunately. Unfortunately, they have every one of Tristan's bad qualities. They do have Elijah's refinement, sure, but they lack Elijah's honor, which seems have been lost in the bloodline. It does raise the stakes though. Taking down the Strix could potentially mean taking out Elijah, which I highly doubt they'd do, but the danger is real enough to keep it interesting.

Miranda: I can't say I'm surprised that he founded the group. Each Original has his (or her) own code. Klaus wants power. Rebekah wants love. Elijah wants refinement. It's totally understandable to me how he sort of fell in love with the idea of nobility and Tristan provided the avenue by which he could attain it. That he has a secret society to his credit only adds to Elijah's mystery.

Ruthie: Not surprised at all. But completely understand why he no longer associates with them.

Which of Freya's moments from the episode was your favorite and why?

Christine: When she knocked out the seer! She was just so over it at that point. I laughed out loud.

Miranda: Oh, man. When she walked in and called herself a "knight in hot pink armor," I definitely chuckled. I hate seeing her used as a witchy weapon for her brothers, but I love how naturally she seems to fit into this family.

Ruthie: I have to agree with Christine, the moment where she came to rescue the seer. I loved seeing her in disguise. I actually didn't realize it was her until she made it to the room and took off her wig. Love the line "I know you don't know me, but tonight I'm going to be your knight in hot pink armor".

Were you surprised that Marcel joined the Strix?

Christine: After what they put him through, yes. Why would he want to join a family that set him up like that? I understand his explanation, the one he gave to Klaus afterward, but I'm almost hoping that Marcel will be an inside man with the Strix. He can't trust anyone but himself there, especially not Aya, though he seems to REALLY be into her.

Miranda: Dear Marcel, run away from Aya. Far, far away! I'm not surprised he joined because they didn't really leave him with much of a choice. I love when Marcel is part of the Mikaelson family, but I love when he's looking out for himself and the family he's created more. He's a smart guy who will take whatever knowledge he can from the Strix and use it to better himself and his vampire community.

Ruthie: I'm in agreement with Christine, although I wasn't surprised. I'm thinking Marcel will be that bridge that Aya spoke of, and by the way, I loved seeing the sparks between the two!

What happens when Tristan and Lucien learn Aurora poisoned the seer?

Christine: I don't know. I think it will depend on how crazy Aurora actually is. To me, wouldn't the loss of the seer affect the Mickaelsons far more? They're going into everything blind without a seer.

Miranda: Christine, how crazy is Aurora? My money is on VERY, VERY crazy. I think she's just going to be absolutely nuts. Lucien and Tristan will probably both forgive her for killing the seer because they're in love with her (which is weird coming from Tristan). I'm guessing she killed the seer because she knew it would blind them and she didn't want them to know she'd arrived yet.

Ruthie: I think the loss of the seer affects them all. I'm very interested in finding out just why Aurora did that. Was it just for sport? Also, I'm more worried about what the seer planned to divulge to Hayley. She specifically motioned for Hayley to be the one to see. I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction. I think Hope is the weapon that can bring them down. Now wouldn't that be something?

The Originals Season 3 Episode 5 airs Thursday, November 5 on the CW. Catch it live or watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic!

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