The Flash Round Table: A Future in Gorilla City?

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This week, some of the round tablers exploring The Flash Season 2 Episode 7 are excited about the possibility of Gorilla City in our future; are weighing in on Harry's decision to stay; and touching on Henry's to keep riding the bus out of town.

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans and Hank Otero, and Carissa Pavlica as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast as they discuss all of the latest Central City happenings. Pop your thoughts in the comments!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Grodd's return and sendoff?

Allison: I didn't care about it at all. He was just kind of there as a way for Caitlin to prove to everyone that the team is stronger together. Grodd was boring.

Hank: I loved seeing Grodd again and it's still so hard to believe what they're pulling off on a TV budget. I'll admit, when I first heard they were bringing Grodd to life on the show I thought he'd be super cheesy. Well, not only does he look amazingly intimidating, but his psychic abilities work well. Seeing Gorilla City on Earth 2 blew my mind. I'm sure we won't see Grodd's super-intelligent gorilla forces this season, but the possibility is out there.

Whitney: I liked Grodd's The Flash Season 1 appearance a lot more. I wasn't into everyone blindly sending Grodd away without knowing exactly where he was going. That didn't seem like a Team Flash move to move.

Andy: I loved the major focus he got, but I think his (temporary) send-off made it even cooler because of the potential setup for Gorilla City and maybe have that as an arc in Season 3 for a few episodes.

Carissa: A bit Frankenstein, him wanting Caitlin to create him a friend, though who could blame him. I was really surprised the team was willing to send him away with so little information. Also, I had no knowledge of Gorilla City, so thanks for enlightening me, guys! I hope we do go back for a visit. I like Grodd. 

What are your thoughts on Caitlin connecting with Grodd and Harry?

Allison: I liked her scenes with Harry. I really enjoy watching everyone interact with Harry because he has such a fun dynamic with everyone. It still makes me laugh that he calls Cisco "Ramon." As for Caitlin and Grodd, eh, didn't care. Her feeling guilty about betraying him was eye roll worthy.

Hank: I thought Caitlin's interactions with Grodd made him much more sympathetic. We learned more about his background and how he was mistreated by humans. It all felt very Planet of the Apes, but the animal-testing ultimately proves mankind is the real villain. Grodd simply doesn't want to be alone. I think Caitlin's betrayal was a hint their next meeting won't be a pleasant one. I'm not into Harry much to be honest.

Whitney: I was totally getting the Planet of the Apes vibe as well, but I liked that we got a glimpse into Grodd's story. When Grodd inevitably returns, Caitlin will be high on his dislike list.

Andy: I was surprised that Caitlin and Grodd had the interaction that they had because I was under the belief that she would be kidnapped by Grodd for an evil reason. Her dynamic with Harry was also pretty neat and pretty much agree with what Allison said: I love him interacting with anyone on this show.

Carissa: Someone mentioned that she's connecting with people (and apes) who may be villainous. I think she's just a compassionate person. I also disagree that Grodd will think he was betrayed once he's had a chance to settle into Gorilla City. Why wouldn't he want to be somewhere with other gorillas like himself? And isn't it better than living in a sewer?

Share your thoughts on Harry's decision to remain on Earth 1 and become a member of the Flash Team.

Allison: I'm all for it. There was never a plausible reason for why Harry would need to return home to beat Zoom. I can't wait to see everyone's relationships grow and develop with Harry.

Hank: I agree with Allison, the guy was fooling himself if he thought he'd stop Zoom on his own in Earth 2. I still don't trust him, he's up to something.

Whitney: Harry is definitely hiding something and I'm really looking forward to learning more about him. I think all his moves are very calculated and they're going to lead to something big down the line.

Andy: More Tom Cavanagh just means more awesomeness – happy to see him stick around.

Carissa: He certainly wasn't going to stop Zoom himself, but it made sense that he would have a mini freak out. He's got to be concerned being a world away and not even on the same earth as his girl. I can't wait until she's saved and joins him. Hope she does. Or visits frequently through the speed cannon expressway!

Henry's experience with "murdering" his wife fit perfectly with what Barry suffered at the hands of Zoom. There is probably a lot more they can learn from each other. Why doesn't Henry see that Barry needs his father more than in six hour increments?

Allison: I've been asking myself that ever since Henry left. It just doesn't make sense. Have him stick around for an episode or two. I don't see why he keeps running off. Sure, he needs to find himself or whatever and he doesn't like being judged by people, but isn't it worth it if it means you get to spend time with your son?

Hank: I think Henry's spent so much time locked away that he just wants to live a little. He realizes sticking around makes Barry worry about him, so he's better off doing his own thing. Not to mention leaving Joe out of the loop. Are his exits awkward? Absolutely, but I have a feeling Henry will come around and become an integral part of the team. It's just going to take a little time.

Whitney: I'm torn on this one, because I really like Henry but I just don't know where he fits on the team. I always love Henry and Barry's moments and I think it's partly due to them being so few and far between. Each one feels special. I agree with Hank that his exits are awkward, though.

Andy: I agree with what Hank said about Henry just wanting to get to re-explore the world again. I still wish he had stuck around in the premiere after he got out, felt really selfish to just leave RIGHT away after all the hard work Barry had done. But I think he will definitely come back soon and be around the team a lot more.

Carissa: I don't think Henry has to be an integral part of the team. He just needs to be a part of his son's life and get back what he lost when he went to prison. What really drove that home for me was when he was looking at photos. Not only did he not take the time to do that before he blew out of town, he didn't even have some with him. That's not right. He can have his own life and still be nearby. They don't have fishing near Central City?!

What do you think happened to Francine and the story of Iris' brother? It was alluded to when Joe wondered what it would be like having a son of his own.

Allison: It's coming back at some point, sadly. I'm sorry but I really didn't enjoy Francine's visit and all the drama she brought with her. Maybe her son will be entertaining, but I have low expectations.

Hank: I'm not a Francine fan either, but I'm dying to meet Wally West. Hey, perhaps when Wally gets his powers Henry will stick around to help out? It seems like those relationships will mirror each other; Joe/Wally and Henry/Barry. Yeah, I think it's going to be interesting, but it's a slow burn.

Whitney: I really want to meet Wally West, as well. I think they're really trying to stretch this out over the course of the season, so I'm thinking Francine will pop back in at some point and they'll save the Wally West reveal for later.

Andy: I think Francine will be back for at least another episode, maybe in the same episode as Wally West (DYING to meet him so much!). I don't feel the same as you guys do about Francine – while I can see the problems with her bringing in the drama (although it's a TV show, there is supposed to be dramatic situations) that she did, this is a good and necessary setup for this version of Wally since he is not the nephew here.

Carissa: Gosh, I just hope Joe is as forgiving of Iris holding back knowledge of his son as she was of him about her mother. He just longs to have a son, even though he does have Barry. Wally's making his appearance on the December 8 episode, according to the synopsis. Whether he meets anyone? We'll find out! 

There was a romance-dedicated portion of the episode, complete with Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Thoughts?

Allison: Cisco and Kendra were all kinds of adorable, but more importantly, he vibed on her! I'm really interested to learn more about Kendra and maybe get some answers as to what exactly Cisco was seeing.

Hank: I thought the romance stuff was cute, but a little rushed. It just didn't feel earned to me like Barry/Patty, and I'm not sure the couple even has a future. Is it me or was there a total lack of chemistry? I did think it was cool that he saw Hawkgirl when he vibed on her, but it's just one big tease since we know she's moving on (to Legends of Tomorrow). As far as the Peter Gabriel song, I love that track, but man did it feel corny here.

Whitney: I really like Cisco and Kendra together! I thought they were really cute, and it was sweet of him to try to make up for things with that adorable basket. I wasn't as into the Barry/Patty scene, and I really can't put my finger on why. It was clearly meant to be romantic but I just didn't see it.

Andy: I loved Kendra and Cisco together so much that it also got me emotional because we know that she is about to take off on new adventures with a certain winged warrior. They were cute together, and I totally geeked out when Cisco Vibe'd her, seeing Kendra's past life as Hawkgirl.

Carissa: It wasn't a favorite of mine. Is it really necessary to create romantic moments that are jammed into the episodes? Then they don't feel organic. Cisco and Kendra don't have the chemistry he has with Lisa Snart. And I didn't get why Patty saying she needed to trust Barry was funny to him. Ah well. Can't win 'em all!

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