Rosewood Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Policies and Ponies

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Capt. Hornstock's third ex-wife, Janice was mysteriously murdered. With all signs and evidence pointing towards Hornstock, things were not looking too good for the beloved Capitan.

On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 6, Hornstock appoints Villa and Rosewood to work together again in order to help clear his name.

Unbeknownst to Hornstock, things between Villa and Rosewood have gotten pretty shaky which will ultimately hinder their unofficial partnership. Let the drama begin!

Rosie, I need to know who did this.


We finally got a back story on Hornstock. He seems like a nice man that just can't catch a break relationship wise. It turns out that he didn't murder Janice, instead it was a hit man that Hornstock previously arrested in the past. 

In a plot twist of all plot twists, Janice was murdered because she was unsuccessful in killing Hornstock to obtain his $20,000 insurance policy. Crazy!

Janice owed entirely too many people money and had a bounty placed on her head. I'm just glad that Hornstock's innocence was proven and he isn't a crazed, scorned ex-husband.

Everyone you interact with loves you. It drives me nuts.


Hornstock truly loved Janice with every bone in his body. In return, she just wanted the man dead to fuel her greed and pay off debt. Hornstock was pretty hurt by the news, but could you blame him? Hopefully after three failed marriages and crazy twist of events, Hornstock won't let Janice's antics keep him from having a bubbly and trusting personality. 

We were discussing things I never talked about. Ever.


Villa still feels betrayed by both Kat and Rosewood. Without even talking things over with Rosewood, Villa automatically assumed he and Kat were discussing her personal problems. Villa of all people should know that Kat discussing her therapy sessions goes against the client confidentially rule, right? 

The therapy sessions were truly helping Villa figure things out. It's fine if she no longer wants Kat to be her therapist, but Villa should still seek some sort of professional help if she ever wants to get over whatever it is she's been suppressing since her return to Miami.

The negative energy between us is distracting.


Villa continued her attempt to avoid Rosewood by all means. With it being Miami and Rosewood being one of the best in his profession, the two having to join forces again was inevitable. Rosewood wanted patch things up Villa, but she wanted no parts in what he had to say. The thing with Rosewood and Villa is that they were both mad and apologizing for the wrong reasons.

Rosewood doesn't know about Villa's erotic dreams and the fact that she may have developed a small crush on him. He feels that Villa is upset that her therapist was is now ex-girlfriend. Like we discussed earlier, Villa feels like Kat and Rosewood were laughing at her personal problems.

The whole situation is really one big misunderstanding. Everyone involved doesn't know how to properly communicate with one another, they just shut people off with a quickness.

Me without you, and this whole thing falls apart.


It was nice to see Rosewood actually take Villa's feelings into consideration. He seems to really care about Villa and her well-being. Rosewood went out of his way to leave Villa multiple messages and even sent her flowers. Whether Villa likes it or not, Rosie just might be that one friend she's always needed.

Rosewood challenges Villa to think outside the box and to take risks, which I'm sure is something she may have never done before. The duo work great together, so if they could just learn how to work together without mixing their personal feelings, Rosewood and Villa could continue to dominate the Miami crime stopping scene.

We're better friends than we are partners.


We also finally got to meet Rosewood Sr. Pippy and Rosewood always spoke highly of their father. They admired him for not only his work ethic, but for the love and dedication he has to the family. It was surprising to see that after 40 years of marriage Donna and Rosewood Sr., have decided to go their separate ways.

Rosewood and Pippy looked up to their parents as the ideal relationship they wanted to obtain. Now that Donna and Rosewood Sr., are filing for divorce, I can see Rosewood being hurt the most. He has never been the settling down type of man.

His relationship with Kat is already rocky, so if his parents can't make their relationship work after 40 years, will he lose hope on love? I hope not but we can see Rosewood was truly shaken up by his parents' news.

What are your thoughts on "Policies and Ponies"? Do you think Villa will tell Rosewood about her crazy dreams about him? Will Rosewood's views on love and relationships change after his parents shocking news? Were you happy to see that Hornstock isn't a cold blooded murderer? Don't forget you can watch Rosewood online right here at TV Fanatic!

Policies and Ponies Review

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