New Girl Casts Peter Gallagher as Schmidt's Dad

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The New Girl cast is growing again.

It's been announced that Peter Gallagher will be joining as Schmidt's dad. While he's a pretty cool guy in his own right, that's not what makes this New Girl Season 5 news so noteworthy. 

Peter Gallagher New Girl

If you've followed the career of Peter Gallagher, you know he played Sandy Cohen on The O.C. (Oh, how we miss the Cohen family.)

Did you know that Max Greenfield (Schmidt) also played Sandy Cohen on The O.C.?!

In a flashback, he received the coveted role of Young Sandy Cohen, so the casting departments of two shows discovered a significant resemblance between these two talented actors.

Earlier this year, we also brought you the news that Megan Fox would be joining the cast as a new roomie while Jess is off at Jury Duty. 

If you can't wait for all the goodness to come your way, you can always watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic to cure your cravings!

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