Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Phil's Sexy, Sexy House

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Haley and Andy strike again! At least their story didn't ruin the rest of the show.

The banter that initially made Haley and Andy a fun pairing returned to their interactions this week. Not a moment too soon. It could be enough to make their relationship worth rooting for. The biggest issues their relationship has are when they become annoying to watch. 

Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7 is easily the best episode of the season. What makes Modern Family such a clever show is the ability to set up and execute seemingly unrelated plot-lines that all culminate in a hilarious confrontation. Claire's "sexy medieval" costume is truly a thing of beauty.

Nothing will ever be as funny as Mitchell's use of a lamp as a stripper pole. Watching Cam and Mitchell navigate marriage is truly a joy, and their attempts at livening their relationship are hysterical. Cam and Mitchell are a huge part of what makes the show so enjoyable.

Phil, like most of the Dunphy clan, is a perfect blend of authenticity and absurdity. As a huge goofball, Phil always gets into trouble for dragging Luke into his messes. As a successful realtor, Phil becomes more of a person, and less of one-dimensional TV dad trope.

The focal point of Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7 is related to Phil's work, and the hilarious climax is in large part due to Phil.

Letting Phil, and his relationship with Claire shine through is key to continuing this trend of funnier episodes. The duckling plot has become a large part of Modern Family Season 7, and that is a good thing. Through the ducklings, Phil's (sometimes) smothering love is displayed and mocked lovingly.

The real sore point in recent episodes has been Alex's relationship with Ruben. He is neither her intellectual equal nor astoundingly attractive. It's time for Alex to move on to a more age-appropriate, and hopefully more entertaining, relationship. Alex is typically a fascinating character, but her time with Ruben has made her less compelling.

More Claire. Everyone needs more Claire. Whether or not you directly relate to her or know someone like her, Claire balances chaos and Type-A organizational skills flawlessly. Claire is walking the tightrope we all walk between sanity and complete and utter mania.

Did this episode redeem Haley and Andy for you? Do you like the ducklings? Let us know your thoughts after you watch Modern Family online

Phil's Sexy, Sexy House Review

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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Manny: Does this feel like a short visit to you, or a long one?
Jay: The pregnant one brought a stroller.

Mitchell: How about a show to go with it?
Cam: Mitchell?
Mitchell: Who's Mitchell? I'm Magic Mitch. Welder by day, stripper by choice.