Grimm Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Clear and Wesen Danger

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Remember the days when it was just Nick and Monroe against the Wesen world? It's clear that those days are gone.

On Grimm Season 5 Episode 2, Nick was on paternity leave while the rest of his team (plus poor in-the-dark Detective Pogue) investigated a rather grisly murder. To the team's credit, they deduced within about three seconds that the case was Wesen-related.

It was typically gruesome fare when the Wemlinger ripped out the throat of the unfortunate accountant, even as I saw it coming a mile away. It was also pretty obvious that sweet old lady Betty would turn out to be Wesen, too. The case ended with another ominous reminder of the coming war.

Before they got to all that, though, Nick brought the team to the place where Chavez and her contacts were killed in Grimm Season 5 Episode 1. There's only one problem: Mr. Clean's been at it again, and there was no trace of any bodies.

Happily, they did locate the clawmarks on the wall thanks to some fresh paint (validating Nick's claims), and the team wisely decided to vacate the premises. I was definitely amused by Monroe's assessment of the situation:

I think we should get out of here before someone tries to paint over *us*.


Hank's temporary partnership with Detective Pogue (guest star Joseph Bertot) acted mostly as an obstacle course for the team as they tried to keep him from looking too closely at the case. Wu tangentially brought up something that should maybe should have been addressed more thoroughly.

Wu: This has *got* to be Wesen!
Hank: Can't wait to explain *that* to Pogue.
Wu: I'll visit you in the psych ward every Tuesday.

Wu was never really given justice for the time he spent in the psych ward after his terrifying encounter with the Aswang. He literally thought he was going crazy, and the rest of them let him. It still rankles me somewhat.

Fortunately for all involved, the situation with Pogue was resolved without any real suspicions on Pogue's part, but it didn't excuse what they did to Wu last season.

Meanwhile, Nick was discovering what it means to be a dad as he brought Adalind and baby Kelly home from the hospital. There are a couple of things worth pointing out in this subplot, one of which Monroe brings up: Nick's house.

I don't know if that place is cursed or something, but I'm with Monroe in that Nick should definitely move out ASAP. Hopefully, somewhere that random rampaging Wesen don't bust through every week. Not to mention the very painful, very fresh memories involving Juliette and her whole tragedy.

I'm not sure how I feel about Nick's relationship with Adalind. There was a cute scene where they bonded over food, and it's clear that the two have chemistry, but it just feels wrong on so many levels. Though Adalind had an absolutely priceless moment towards the end, when she asked a question we've all been wondering:

What if he's like me, or what if he's like you? What if he's some weird combination of both of us, like some Hexen-Grimm or Grimmenbiest?! I can't do this alone!


I'll add my own query: did the fact that Adalind was "dressed" as Juliette at the time Kelly was conceived have any effect? Essentially, is this Nick and Adalind's baby, or is it Nick and Juliette's baby? The latter presents some interesting possibilities, like the fact that Baby Kelly could wind up a totally normal human.

Whatever happens, I truly hope that they don't do a rehash of the sort of Chosen One/Ultimate Destiny/Supreme Power ridiculous storyline that was Diana. Or, even worse, have some sort of showdown between the two siblings. We really, really don't need that here.

Before I sign off, here are a few miscellaneous thoughts and observations:

  • Meisner put in another appearance. When will we find out what he did with Diana? Could it somehow be her in the cell?
  • The FBI was understandably investigating Agent Chavez's disappearance. Nick, this is why you don't publicly threaten people, especially FBI agents in their own office!
  • Adalind outright stated that she no longer wanted to be a Hexenbiest anymore, which is certainly a switch given all the shenanigans she went through to get her 'Biest back.
  • On a related note, she also revealed that the suppressant potion she took will eventually wear off.

So, fellow Grimmsters, what did you think of "Clear and Wesen Danger"? Are you excited for the brewing Wesen war? What did you think of the Wemlinger? What about Nick and Adalind moving in together? Let us know in the comments below!

You can watch Grimm online to relive the excitement! Grimm Season 5 Episode 3, "Lost Boys," is scheduled to air on November 13, 2015 at 9/8c on NBC.

Clear and Wesen Danger Review

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I think we should get out of here before someone tries to paint over *us*.


Wu: This has *got* to be Wesen!
Hank: Can't wait to explain *that* to Pogue.
Wu: I'll visit you in the psych ward every Tuesday.