Grimm Round Table: The Fortress of Grimmitude

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Three suitors vied for the hand of a mob-boss's daughter, but it turned out that the quest that the mob-boss laid out wasn't for them at all, but for the fair Emily!

Join TV Fanatic Round Table Panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, and Kathleen Wiedel as they examine Grimm Season 5 Episode 4 and share their thoughts on the Maiden Quest, a political endorsement, a blast from the past and more!

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Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised by the reveal that Emily had killed the suitors, and that the Quest was intended for her in the first place?

Doug: The writer pretty much telegraphed it to us that she was the killer: not one of them asked her if she wanted to be with them. Nor did her father. So I knew from the start she was the killer. I was surprised that her dad set that as a test for her, however.

Allison: I saw it coming from a mile away. It wasn't shocking at all. I did like the twist that the quest was about her and not about the guys. I didn't really care for this "case."

Robin: That wasn't surprising at all. I figured it was her right after the first attempt on Frankie's life. It was more surprising that the quest was for her, but seriously, he could have just asked her.

Kathleen: For me, it was a 50/50 chance that it was Emily versus, say, her father or one of the other suitors. The fact that she dealt with the suitors so ruthlessly showed that she was ready to take the reins of power from her father. Remember, she had to lay in wait for the suitors to show up and then she brutally murdered them! Clearly, she showed her mob-boss father that she was ready to move up in the criminal underworld. Yikes.

What are your thoughts on the meeting Captain Renard had with Andrew, the potential mayoral candidate?

Doug: My guess is that Renard is going to investigate Andrew and is going to find something ugly about him. They put him between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn’t support the mayor and the mayor gets elected anyway, they’re going to find a way to fire him. The guess here though is that they’ll try to find some darker means to get him on board, which may result in him showing THEM a little of his own power.

Allison: I thought it came out of nowhere. I'm honestly not sure what I think about that scene. I need to know more. Renard off on his own really isn't all that interesting to me.

Robin: My guess is that this mayoral candidate is part of the uprising, and is being positioned in a place of power in order to facilitate whatever the uprising is. Renard may (hopefully) be more useful this season than he's been so far, if he befriends said mayoral candidate and becomes Team Grimm's person on the inside.

Kathleen: Renard's a very ambitious man. Remember his dream and behavior while under the influence of the Coins of Zakynthos back in Grimm Season 1 Episode 13? He may be a bastard, but he's definitely a Royal. Like Doug, I suspect that Andrew might have bitten off more than he can chew...

What did you think of the scene when Rosalee got that letter from her less-than-savory past life in Seattle?

Doug: Though Monroe agreed with her suggestion to put her past behind, you just know it’s going to come back to bite her, right? That’s what that whole scene was about. It’s funny: no show ever brings up anything like that without there being great significance attached to it. If someone even coughs, it means they’ve got lung cancer. Predictable, and I have to say, a little boring.

Allison: I really didn't care. There wasn't enough background on who this guy was who was writing her. The best thing that came out of it was Monroe and Rosalee being adorable.

Robin: As with Renard and the politicians, this just kind of came out of nowhere. Like Doug said, surely this will prove to be significant later on, but as of right now, it's just something to keep in the back of your mind. Also, I just couldn't get over how poor the penmanship and the spelling were on that letter.

Kathleen: In a larger view, I liked that the writers are remembering their characters' backstories. Rosalee has always been an interesting one: at first glance, she seems so sweet and kind, even adorable, but it's moments like this we're reminded that she has a rather...unseemly past. I'm curious as to whether anything further will come of this letter.

Trubel's back, and looking somewhat the worse for wear. What do you think is going on with her?

Doug: I really have no idea. None. I’m just glad she’s back. Honestly, I was more interested in the progression of Nick and Adalind’s relationship. I mean, come on: she had no clothes, so Nick had to give her his shirt? How cliché is that?

Allison: No clue, but I'm so happy she's back. I'm curious how she found Nick, maybe the secret group knew where Nick's new home is. I'm also really enjoying Nick and Adalind's weird romance.

Robin: I figure Trubel is a pawn in some greater scheme, and they probably sent her back to set Nick up in some way. My question is how Trubel found Nick. I mean, Nick and Adalind JUST decided to move to the Fortress of Grimmitude without telling anyone where they were. How did a beat-up Trubel know to go there? I swear, if Nick didn't turn off the GPS on that phone...

Kathleen: "The Fortress of Grimmitude?" I love it! Anyway, Trubel didn't look that bad when we last saw her with Meisner at the end of the previous episode. Either he beat her up as a cover, or she's been tangling with someone else, perhaps an agent of the Occultatem Libera uprising.

Bonus Question! Where do you think that hidden tunnel under the paint factory home leads?

Doug: It’s going to be a Wesen thing, I’m sure of it. Whatever it is, I have the sense that Nick’s going to be using whatever’s in there when he fights in the upcoming war.

Allison: It would be really cool if it was some secret lair type thing. Nick still hasn't really found a good place to keep everything from the trailer. A secret lair only accessible via a secret passage would do the trick.

Robin: A Secret Underground Passage leading to a Tunnel Network!! I think it leads to some sort of headquarters for the uprising. Or a hidden Grimm library with a stash of Grimm weapons. Or a secret portal to other Grimms! The possibilities are endless, people!

Kathleen: Clearly, it leads to a nest of Gelumcaedus. Fortunately, they're fans of musical theater, so their raucous renditions of Les Miserables alert Nick before he can stumble into their hideaway. Being an intelligent sort of Grimm, he retreats and seals the door forever.

The next episode, Grimm Season 5 Episode 5, "Rat King," is scheduled to air on December 5, 2015 at 9/8c on NBC, after taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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