David Canary: All My Children Star Dies at 77

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David Canary has passed away.

Canary played twin brothers Adam and Stuart Chandler on the soap opera All My Children, which he joined in 1984.

David Canary

Adam Chandler was wealthy and would do anything to get what he wanted, often viewed as the evil patriarch of the Chandler family. 

Stuart Chandler was his kind and gentle brother, often duped by his brother Adam and forced into situations beyond his control. Many stories of deception were played by Canary as Adam acted as Stuart to get what he wanted.

Chandler was in the forefront of storylines until he chose to retire from the profession in 2010. He won five daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding actor and had received 16 nominations during his career through 2001.

Canary is survived by his wife, Maureen, with whom he raised two children, Christopher and Kathryn. They were very involved in their community and with local charitable organizations. 

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