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On Arrow Season 4 Episode 4, after learning something very significant about Capt. Lance, Oliver begins to question his decision to run for mayor.

It's yet something else related to Capt. Lance that may change his mind back. What's going on?

Sara is being held in chains, not only not recognizing her family, but unsure of who she is, as well. That's never a good sign. Will she have the chance to become a person again, or will she be put out of her misery?

The tech problems Felicity has been having continue to plague her, even following her into the new Arrow lair. Will listening to Ray's last communication help in any way?

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: We're gonna need some money.
Felicity: Don't you mean more money?
Oliver: Mmmm hmmm.

Laurel: What did Thea think you weren't wearing?
Felicity: I have no idea.