The Whispers: Canceled After One Season by ABC

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This is not a drill!

ABC has opted not to renew The Whispers for a second season. The entire mystery wrapped around an unknown entity that played with children, coercing them into doing terrible things. It's name? Drill. 

Stopping Drill's Plan - The Whispers

While The Whispers started out strong during it's run, premiering as the highest rated summer series since Rookie Blue in 2010, the ratings slipped steadily throughout its run, even with the help of delayed viewing numbers.

The big question (and summer promotion) #WhoisDrill was answered to some degree in the season one finale, not many more answers were forthcoming. Now it seems that's all you'll get. 

The ideas for the second season included expanding the events that took place in the first season, which would have called for some tweaks and cast turnover. 

Are you sad to see the series go? You can always watch The Whispers online to relive all of the mayhem!

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