The Originals Season 3 Episode 4 Review: A Walk on the Wild Side

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When it comes to some story arcs on television, I love nothing more than a slow burn. That's exactly what we're getting with this sire line plot on The Originals. It's enjoyable up until a point and then it's just...not. 

I'm still rather undecided about which side of the fence I'm on right now.

Aurora is FINALLY in New Orleans, even if she was only in the final few moments of The Originals Season 3 Episode 4. So now maybe this story will start taking off. Or at least maybe Klaus will take his shirt off and that might be good enough.

Since all we've ever known is that the only thing which can kill an Original is the White Oak stake, it's incredibly intriguing to think that there might be some magical talisman or being out there with enough magic to kill an original vampire. While some would call it ret-con, the idea that these siblings aren't as indestructible as they once thought is necessary.

If they can't die, then what's the point? It's no fun when they aren't vulnerable. That's what I spent the last half of The Originals Season 2 saying about Dahlia. She was invincible. It was boring. It's fun to watch Klaus be cocky, but it's more fun to watch him scared and facing the possibility of his own potential mortality. 

He doesn't want to die. Sometimes I think Elijah is tired of living, but Klaus has too much unfinished business, too many loose ends and broken stuff to fix. Klaus is more fun when he has an enemy to fight against who actually has a chance at harming him, and right now that's what we have. Someone, or something, is out there which can end his life, and even after living for over 1,000 years, he's not ready to let go of that.

Here's the thing about this supposed death weapon and why it doesn't bother me that something is in play. We haven't actually seen it work yet, so it's pretty much just a theory. What we know about this mystical world is that visions aren't reliable. They change and are influenced by any number of things. 

Do they often come to pass? Sure. But the majority of the time, prophecies on shows like this rarely come to pass as they're originally foretold. (Hi, hello. The Sun and Moon curse, anybody? It was completely MADE UP by the Mikaelsons.)

I'm not worried that we'll actually see a Mikaelson die. Well, except Rebekah. I'm still sort of scared they'll bring Claire Holt back just to kill her. But I like the idea that they all think there's a chance they could die. Then there's a sense of urgency in all things.

Klaus will work harder to seek forgiveness from his brother and those he's wronged. Elijah will not let his feelings for Hayley go unmentioned or veiled in casual comments. Rebekah will be off doing whatever it is that Rebekah is doing right now. Or she'll come back to New Orleans and hook up with Marcel. And if they all die, at least we know Freya knows how to take care of herself.

So even though there are parts of this sire line story which are seriously annoying me right now, I'm okay with the grand idea that there's a battle brewing among them. And to be honest, a few things about this sire line story are really annoying me. Mostly Aurora.

Aurora better be the best damn character this show has ever seen for all the teases we've gotten so far. First she was chanting in a monastery. Then she had some lines with her brother. Then she slaughtered a dozen monks and jumped off a mountain. Now she's magically found her way to New Orleans and knew exactly who to poison so that Lucien would no longer have a seer. 

What is actually going on there? Exactly how insane is this woman? Or brilliant? I need to know these things and yet I'm so annoyed by all that we don't know I'd like someone to just stake her already and be done with it.

The other thing that annoys me, and it's written this way purposefully, is that I don't know who to trust. Tristan or Lucien? Which one is the less crazy, less evil of the two? Lucien is certainly less smarmy and more scrappy, and I get the sense that we're supposed to pull for him because he's the underdog. 

Mostly I hate the idea that Elijah could've sired anyone as smug and terrible as Tristan, but then he does have the air of Elijah about him. This is where Elijah learned his refinement. This is how he became this dapper man whose suits are always perfect. But still. Ugh. Tristan.

I just don't like him. He did point out to Hayley that her survival isn't dependent on the survival of any of the sire lines, which I believe led to her "always and forever" mention to Elijah, but that's it. That's the only redeeming thing he's done so far. 

I don't love Aya either and Marcel better watch out. This woman is nothing but trouble. She practically oozes "don't trust me" vibes. 

It was pretty epic to watch Marcel and Hayley team up to defeat the Strix crony Mohinder. There was never any question that Marcel wouldn't make it out of the situation, but the how was a pretty great reveal. I love that Marcel wouldn't compromise his integrity and kill a man without provocation just to save his own life. In that regard, he's probably better than all the Mikaelsons put together.

Long live the once and (probably) future king of New Orleans.

What did you think of "A Walk on the Wild Side"? How do you feel about there being a weapon which can kill a Mikaelson? What happens now that Aurora is finally in New Orleans? Don't forget you can watch The Originals online.

We'll see you next week for a review of The Originals Season 3 Episode 5!

A Walk on the Wild Side Review

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