The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Mystery of the Convict Mentor

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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 4, we were treated to a very exciting cat and mouse chase. It was a true throwback to The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 1 and brought the case against Captain Hauser full circle and redeemed his character a little bit in the process. 

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss, "The Mystery of the Convict Mentor."

Escaped Inmates - The Mysteries of Laura

I couldn't blame Laura for not wanting to take Hauser's calls considering he easily would have killed her had she not emptied his gun. At least Hauser was able to provide Laura with some intel on Tommy "The Irishman" Mullens. Of course Santiani would want Laura and Jake on another case, but Laura using cramps as a way to get out of said case was a genius move; though I'm surprised it worked. 

Thankfully Laura kept the information of who her CI was until after her and Jake found the bodies because Jake would have never gone with her had he known the truth. I understand why Jake got upset because Hauser did try to kill Laura and, even though his tip panned out, she was putting a lot of trust into a man who was a convicted murderer. 

I was a little surprised to hear Jake get mad about how quickly Laura is trusting Hauser, but she has no problem throwing the things Jake did in the past in his face. Looking at the big picture, what Jake did was wrong, but he has proven himself time and time again by being there for the boys and Laura. Still, Laura continues to keep him at arms length. 

I'm sure Laura putting all of her trust in Hauser just made Jake even more angry. He made some valid points about forgiveness and trust – what does Jake have to do to earn Laura's trust back? Jake can only wait so long before moving on with his own life.

Going back to Hauser, did he really think Laura was going to make small talk with him? The fact she even showed up to talk to him was more than enough kindness. My only complaint about Laura talking to Hauser in prison is the previews gave away the twist of Hauser and Mullens escaping, so it wasn't a huge shock to the audience when it happened. 

Of course Laura was going to be snarky about Hauser breaking out of prison, but she did make a good argument. They wanted all this information before she investigated Hauser's cell, but they neglected to keep a close eye on their own prisoner and could have easily prevented him from escaping. 

I actually don't blame Captain Santiani for suspecting Laura was involved in Hauser's escape given the fact that everything lined up with her being involved. Captain Santiani had to do what was best for the precinct during the investigation, but Captain Santiani should have figured out by now, you can't make Laura do something she doesn't want to do. 

Laura was the perfect one to be on Hauser's case considering she was with the guy constantly for two years and knew everything about his personality and could read the clues he left behind. I was happy to see Captain Santiani let Laura persuade her to go after the lead – I am slowly beginning to warm up to Captain Santiani.

In the end, the team was able to take down Mullen's who was about to shoot Hauser; though the most bittersweet moment came in the vent end when Hauser talked about losing Laura and apologizing which resulted in Laura giving him a hug. It was such a kind scene and showed how difficult it is to forgive people, but Laura is working on being a little more opened to forgiveness. 

What did you think of Hauser coming back? Do you think Laura will eventually forgive Jake?

Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch The Mysteries of Laura online now via TV Fanatic. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think!

On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 5, when a woman, who was married to a big shot media reporter, is driven off the West Side Highway is murdered the team uncovers a shocking clue, but will they be able to find the man who killed her? Find out Wednesday, October 21 at 8/7c on NBC.

The Mystery of the Convict Mentor Review

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The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Max: You will never in a zillion years guess who's on my phone.
Laura: Captain Hauser.
Max: Good guess.

Jake: Question, how is it that second graders have ten pages of math homework a night?
Laura: They have ten pages a week, I just make them do all ten on your night.