The Flash Round Table: King Shark Takes the Crown

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It's another Flash Round Table!

Were you happy with the addition of Jefferson "Jax" Jackson? What about the goings on with Iris and her mother, Francine? What did you think about that land shark on The Flash Season 2 Episode 4?

Discuss all of that and more with TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans and Hank Otero, as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast. Just share your thoughts in the comments to join in the fun!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Jax Jackson? Good choice for Firestorm?

Allison: I like him. I still feel like I need to see what kind of person he is now that he is part of Firestorm. I mean odds are that having superpowers could change a person. I wasn't blown away by his introduction, but I do think he is a good fit.

Andy: He was so much fun to watch! Nothing against Ronnie and Robbie Amell, I loved that Firestorm, but I think I may love this Firestorm a little bit more. I do want to see more though to see how it affects Jax, mentally but overall, Franz Drameh killed it.

Whitney: I thought he was great! I really liked his personality and I'm excited to see more of his relationship with Stein. Unfortunately, I never felt like we saw enough of Ronnie and Stein's connection, but with DCs Legends of Tomorrow, we'll get to really see the merging of these two personalities, and I think it will be a lot of fun.

Hank: I thought he was alright, but as Allison mentioned we still need to get to know Jax better. Ronnie sacrificed himself not once, but twice for the greater good. That made the guy a hero in my book, even before the whole F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. thing. The character is so complicated he definitely needs his own show. As Whitney says, we never saw enough of Ronnie/Stein, but I'm sure the Jax/Stein relationship will be a huge part of Legends.

Were you happy with Professor Stein's and Jax's sendoff?

Allison: It kinda just happened. It's like, "Oh, okay. Bye?" I wish we spent more time integrating Jax into the team. Couldn't they have left like next episode or something? Their sendoff felt a little rushed. Andy: I still need to know who the heck this mystery assistant is that Stein always refers to that is helped and is helping him again with the whole Firestorm situation. A little rushed yeah, but Stein and Jax will totally be back a few more times before Legends starts.

Whitney: It was a little lackluster and it did feel rushed, but it's not as if we won't see them again soon.

Hank: I agree with everyone, the sendoff felt really rushed. I'm hoping the big Arrow/Flash crossover gives us a little more character development for each of the Legends cast. Allison is right, this should have been a two-parter or something.

Iris held firm with her mother and learned a deep family secret. Thoughts?

Allison: I'm glad Iris learning that Francine is dying didn't change anything. She still shut her down, and Iris showed that she is a reporter at heart. Iris wanted to double check all the facts. Francine just brought unnecessary drama, and I could have done without it.

Andy: I enjoyed it a lot, Candice Patton has been killing it for the past two weeks. I'm sad for Mama West, I don't think she deserves as much of the hard comments that I have been seeing. I totally get why Iris isn't wanting to open up for her and I liked that she used her reporter skills to look into Francine's background. I do think she should have actually let Francine talk a little bit though because she didn't even get to say much. I was totally right with the big secret reveal of the brother and I look forward to see more as they introduce him this season [Insert Excited DC Boy].

Whitney: I agree with Andy here. Candice Patton has been on fire and I'm loving how this story is opening us up to another side of Iris. She's being very strong and forceful with her mother and right now Francine deserves it. There's definitely a lot more to this story and the introduction of Iris's brother should be a great storyline for the West family.

Hank: Candice has been killing all her scenes this season. I loved that Iris stuck by her father's side and turned Francine away. Sure, it came across a little harsh since the woman is dying, but too little too late if you ask me. I was more surprised by the brother reveal, because I assume we're talking about Wally West. That speedster was Iris' nephew in the comics. Still, I think this change will work fine. I can't wait to see how he gets his powers!

What was better, Land Shark or Earth 2's Harrison Wells stepping out of the shadows to save Barry?

Allison: Land shark! I loved that it was presented basically as a joke metahuman, and then it came out of nowhere at the end. It made me laugh, and after that episode, I needed a good laugh.

Andy: I know I can't curse here but I lost my [BEEP] so hard when Shark showed up. I love Tom Cavanagh, but NOTHING beats a giant walking talking shark. NOTHING! As you can probably tell: I had a big nerd moment this week.

Whitney: That land shark was hands down one of the best things I've seen on television in awhile! It was absolutely hilarious.

Hank: While King Shark looked badass, it just felt a little too Sharknado for my taste. Keep the campy stuff in check guys, please. I'm going to go with Wells saving Barry, which is ultimately more important anyway. Barry's going to struggle trusting that face, and that confrontation was a great moment.

Talk about any other particular moment that stood out for you.

Allison: I'm upset over the "She's not Iris" excuse that Barry gave for not pursuing Patty. I know WestAllen is supposedly endgame, but the show hasn't convinced me of it yet. I don't have anything against them as a couple, but I haven't fallen in love with them like I have with Patty and Barry. Stop counting on me wanting Barry to get with Iris and start making me want for it to happen. Right now, I"m all about Barry and Patty. I need more of them being super adorable.

Andy: I'm still iffy with the Patty/Barry relationship. I will admit proudly that I'm all for WestAllen which has honestly been the best relationship in all of these DC TV shows since Clark/Lois on Smallville. Therefore I loved the "She's not Iris" thing because Patty simply isn't. I like the actress, but Patty is still on that edge of crossing too much into being like a complete Felicity Smoak 2.0 which I don't want at all.

I'm not against them having a romance because in television, it's natural that there will be different couples, even though we know it's not going to last forever. But I just don't know if I'm going to care too much if it's too much like Barry/Felicity because right now, that's what I'm worried it will turn into. I'm still crossing my fingers for a Patty/Cisco romance whenever those two meet, I think that would be a better match.

Whitney: I'll jump on the Patty/Barry/Iris talk here, because while I actually like Patty, the Patty/Barry pairing felt a bit forced this week. I'm also a WestAllen fan so maybe my judgment is clouded, but their chemistry is starting to wane in my opinion. Awkward Barry is sweet, but two awkward Barry's can get old. And Patty feels like a female version of Barry.

Hank: I loved seeing Tina McGee again, even briefly. Henry Allen's abrupt exit was so bizarre, but quick visits by Amanda Pays or Mark Hamill will help keep us connected to the original Flash series. I also loved Professor Stein's parting advice to Cisco, "The very thing that makes you different is what makes you special." Victor Garber is just brilliant!

Here is your first look ahead to The Flash Season 2 Episode 5:

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Iris: I'm sure that you've been through a great deal, and I can appreciate you feeling like this is suddenly the right time to want me in your life, but that doesn't mean that it's the right time for me.
Joe: Iris...
Iris: No, dad, it's OK. I've thought about this a lot, and it wasn't fair for me to make you the bad guy. [turns to Francine] So I want you to hear this from me. I don't hate you, Francine. I do wish you well. But we have lived separate lives for over 20 years. Let's keep it that way.

Cisco: Awwww how cute! We'll have two Professor Steins if this works!
Caitlin: It's gonna work.