Rosewood Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Have-Nots & Hematomas

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After watching Rosewood Season 1 Episode 3 it's safe to say that both Det. Villa and Rosewood have to learn how to trust and open up to people.

Rosewood and Det. Villa attempt to keep secrets and push people away, but the walls they've built up have to eventually come crumbling down.

Regardless of how much Villa tries to to deny it, she needs Rosewood on her team. While Rosewood could sometimes be overly confident, the man knows his pathology.  

Det. Villa has a hard time working with people. It shows in her attitude and how she treats Rosewood. 

Rosewood Believes

I don't want a partner, I don't need a partner.

Det. Villa

Villa felt like she was capable of solving crimes on her own. Wrong! While she has the law enforcement background, Villa doesn't have what it takes to medically solve a crime the way Rosewood does. Rosewood can instantly look at a body and give a correct scenario of what happened. 

The problem with Villa is that she's having a hard time separating her personal life from her professional one. Her temper hindered her from solving the crime on time which ultimately upset Capt. Hornstock. It's a good thing that she's going to see a therapist.

Villa's underlying personal issues are finally coming to the forefront, and it's exciting. I can't wait to find out what happened to Villa before her return to Miami.

Everyone has a story.


Speaking of therapy, it was shocking to find out that Rosewood's lady friend, Kat, is currently separated from her husband. Since Kat is considering getting serious with Rosewood, she should tell him about her marital status and the fact that she stills wear a wedding ring at work.

Another thing regarding Kat; was I the only one that cringed at Rosewood inviting Danté over to family dinner instead of her?

Donna has asked Rosewood numerous times to invite Kat over to meet the family, yet he always finds some sort of excuse to exclude Kat. Rosewood really likes Kat but much like Villa, he has a thing of pushing people away when he should be letting them in.

Rosey has a soft spot for anything with a pulse.

Det. Villa

Rosewood's issue is that as his health steadily declines, he doesn't know how to cope with the idea of dying. He claims to be lover of life, yet he tends to keep his personal issues to himself. I'm glad that he finally took the time to tell Donna what is going on with his health problems.

Even though it might not have been the news Donna wanted to hear, she needed Rosewood to tell her himself. It wasn't Pippy's place to tell Donna something that is Rosewood's personal business.

Son, you can't save everyone.


Rosewood has a habitat of trying to make sure he helps everyone he comes in contact with. In reality, he needs help himself. In the back of Rosewood's mind is the agonizing thought of dying too soon.

He hasn't really taken the time to settle down, fall in love and just flat out enjoy the fruits of his labor. Rosewood uses his job as away to keep busy and from thinking about his health.

I feel so alone.

Det. Villa

The exciting part was Villa finally having the courage to pour her heart out to someone. She is right, there is no one around that she can truly confide in or trust. That is something that I can sense changing soon. The real question is who exactly was Villa leaving that voice mail for, Rosewood or Kat?

While we all can assume that it was Rosewood, my senses are saying that she was leaving it for Kat. After all, Kat suggested that Villa find a person she can tell her secrets to. Who better to spill your heart out to other than your therapist?

Villa and Rosewood may have gotten along more, but I don't think she's ready to tell him all of her personal problems just yet. The same goes for Rosewood. The duo are slowly liking the idea of being unofficial working partners, I just don't see them sharing their life problems with each other so soon.

What did you think about "Have-Nots & Hematomas"? Did Villa leave the voicemail for Kat or Rosewood? Do you think Rosewood will finally invite Kat to family dinner? 

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Have-Nots & Hematomas Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Rosewood, stay away from my body!

Det. Villa

Everyone has a story.