Once Upon a Time Round Table: Who's the Savior Now?

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Emma saved Robin Hood’s life in Camelot on Once Upon a Time this week... but at what price, as she slipped further towards the dark side?

With the Fury out to take someone to the underworld and Excalibur hidden in Emma’s basement, Storybrooke needed a savior now more than ever.

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Laskodii, Jim Garner, Amanda Steinmetz and Robin Harry are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate crossing the town line, if Regina is capable of being the savior and who will be able to pull the sword from the stone after Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 2...

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Would you have crossed the town line to find out if you could leave?

Christine L.: No way! Though, I'm not a big risk taker. The citizens of Storybrooke always seem to have awful luck when it comes to crossing the town line, so I'd stay put. 

Jim: I'm with Christine, no way! Crossing the town line hasn't really worked out for anyone that did it except Emma and Henry. 

Amanda: When does that ever work out? Better safe than sorry!

Gareth: No way. That town line is to be avoided at all costs. It is becoming comical now though. I’ve never understood why the plot narrative has to keep them in Storybrooke since the town is cloaked anyway? It would be interesting to see the fairy tale characters venture out into the real world a lot more since the whole concept of the show was fairy tale characters in our world. 

Robin: Ha! No thanks, I'd pass on that terrible decision.

Should Regina have asked Emma to save Robin’s life?

Christine L.: No. I think she knew what the risks were in asking Emma to save Robin, knowing that Emma was teetering on the edge of Darkness, and somewhat selfishly asked her to do it. You could argue that Regina was reacting quickly, using what she had on hand to save Robin, but either way you look at it, Regina turned on her tunnel vision and proceeded without considering Emma's strength.

Jim: She made a compelling argument for why she she was asking and not commanding. I'm a little lost on the whole "light" and "dark" magic part. If Emma had light magic before and now has dark magic, where did her light magic go? Is there a reason she can only use one type of magic? Maybe it's just how being the "Dark One" works. 

Amanda: She shouldn't have asked, but I can't really blame her. Regina was scared and thinking in the moment. I'm also a little unclear about the rules of light vs dark magic. 

Gareth: Regina did it out of desperation but I have a feeling that one action kick started Emma’s descent into total darkness, so in hindsight, probably not the wisest of moves.

Robin: That's tough. I understand that dark magic always comes with a price (does light magic have the same price attached? It used to be all magic but now I'm not sure), but I also understand Regina's desperation. The moment was so sudden, and there wasn't much time for any of them to really think about the consequences. Technically, Emma could have refused.

Will King Arthur be the only one who can pull Excalibur from the stone or will there be another option in Storybrooke?

Christine L.: I'd like to say yes, and keep the classic story of Excalibur pure, but I've seen enough of this show to know that it probably won't be the case. Someone else will be able to do it. Maybe it'll be Henry.

Jim: Like Christine said above, I'd like to hope only Arthur could pull it out, 

Amanda: I'm guessing it will be someone different since we've already seen him pull it out already. Since Henry is already the new author, I doubt it will be him. I'd love it if Regina was the one to pull Excalibur from the stone.

Gareth: I think everyone is expecting Regina to be the one who pulls Excalibur from the stone but it seems like the obvious choice. I’m interested in what is going on with Gold. His heart was cleansed and shone white at the end of the last season when the darkness was pulled out of him. I found that imagery intriguing. Could Gold be the Savior of them all?

Robin: I'd prefer it if King Arthur was the only one who could get the sword from the stone, but who knows how this show will twist that tale. 

Can Regina really be the savior?

Christine L.: Regina has come a long way from being the Evil Queen, but I don't think that her road to complete redemption is over yet. She's too emotionally bound to bad behavior. If something were to happen to Robin or Henry, she'd fly off the handle again.

Jim: I think that how she handles the next few issues is going to show if she can be the savior or not. Like Christine pointed out, previously she was quick to fly off the handle, but this time she thought it through and came up with a solution, even if it was initially to sacrifice herself.

Amanda: I think Regina definitely has it in her to be the savior. She has shown moments of selflessness that scream savior. Regina just needs to learn to trust in herself, and she needs the support of everyone around her.

Gareth: Like I said, the role reversal of Emma and Regina seems a little too obvious. It wouldn’t surprise me if we have a twist and somebody else steps up to take the role. 

Robin: I think Regina is already the savior right now. Emma had some growing pains to overcome before she could save Storybrooke at first, and I think Regina's no different. Emma had to believe in magic to be effective, Regina has to believe in herself.

Was their anything in “The Price” that disappointed you?

Christine L.: The entire sequence where everyone was trying to save Robin from the Fury confused me. Did they all know that combined, their lives would be too much for the Fury? Or were they just all willing to die? It was a little unclear.

Jim: I had a problem with the same scene Christine did. I feel like the writers had been watching Guardians of the Galaxy and said "Hey we should use this somehow!" 

Amanda: I'm with Christine and Jim. It felt a little forced for everyone to join hands like they all knew what would happen.

Gareth: No. It was a solid episode. I’m really enjoying this season so far. They seem to have struck a good balance between the core cast and the new characters. That said, the scene with the Fury seemed like a blatant rip-off of from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Robin: I think we're all hooked on the same feeling (see what I did there?). That scene was a little cringe worthy. They had no idea that was going to work, and what -- they were all going to go claw their way out of the underworld together?

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine L.: That Captain Swan kiss... It looked like a pretty good True Love's Kiss to me!

Jim: Watching Robin and Regina at the dance, I love seeing the two of them laughing and having fun, goodness knows they deserve it.

Amanda: The dance sequence, especially when Henry played Alison Moyet's "Only You". I got some serious flashbacks to Ethan Embry and Jennifer Love Hewitt kissing at the end of the movie Can't Hardly Wait!

Gareth: Loved Dark Swan telling Regina to step up her game and start acting like a Savior. Jennifer Morrison is really owning the role. Also loved the ball scene, it was classic Once! 

Robin: I loved Charming and Snow helping Regina choose a dress and teaching her how to dance. Regina felt so lost and I loved how those two made her feel comfortable. Also, her first dress choice was hilarious (and scary).

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