Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 6 Review: Maternal Instincts

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Rollins, Rollins, Rollins. 

Her self-destructive streak might have seemed to have been tamed lately, but as soon as her crazy sister showed up, there it was again. 

Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 6 took a break from serious, topical stories with another soapy Rollins clan story. This one fell flat, though, especially because the case of the week got lost somewhere in the shuffle.

Was He Drugged? - Law & Order: SVU

I thought the case of the hour was more interesting than Amanda's family drama, which says a lot because Amanda is my favorite newer character and I usually love Rollins-centered episodes. We had a perp who was more than likely a victim himself, begging the question of whether a person who was drugged against his will can be held responsible for violence against another person. Most of the SVU detectives didn't buy his story, either.

He stole her flute and he played the flute.


I always find cases that involve male victims (or male perps who might actually be victims) interesting. Rape is so often thought of as a crime against women and I've noticed that sometimes viewers have a hard time believing the man was actually a victim , especially if it's ambiguous. So I was looking forward to discussing that.

Unfortunately, this case was hijacked by another stupid Kim appearance, followed by Amanda being so determined to enable her sister that she gave up being the sole voice defending this guy and went along with the idea that he was nothing but a rapist.

At this point, I can't feel sorry for Amanda when Kim does something stupid that blows up in her face. It's always the same thing, and after almost going to jail you'd think she'd have learned her lesson.

What did you think was gonna happen, Kim?


Amanda demanded to know what Kim was thinking and how she expected to get away with her latest stunt. She really needs a therapist or a good friend to make her look in the mirror and answer that same question. It was especially unbelievable to me that she thought she could keep it secret that Kim was involved when not only does Benson know her and her history, but Dodds' son was now working as Benson's second-in-command.

What happens at SVU stays at SVU. You have my word.

Mike Dodds

Having Mike Dodds become part of the leadership team could be interesting. I'm not sure if I trust him yet. He says he is going to keep the team's secrets, but even if he actually intends to, that's going to be hard with his father constantly checking in. Having him there also gives the elder Dodds a reason to be around a lot more. Dodds annoys me but he is becoming a love to hate character. So we'll see how this goes.

In any case, it was unsurprising to me that Kim once again screwed Amanda over, and this time managed to get in bed with her defense attorney while she was at it. I hope Amanda learned her lesson this time and that she dumps both Kim and her mother for good.

It was interesting to see the family dynamic between the three women. I got the sense that Kim and Mama resent the fact that Amanda has made something of herself instead of just succumbing to her addictions. Kim enjoys tearing Amanda down because she thinks it makes them equal again.

Like mama says, everything works out in the end.


So what did you think? Are you hoping this is Kim's last appearance, or are you ready for another one? Did you think for a second Amanda was going to lose the baby? Should Mike Dodds stay with the squad? Comment below!

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Maternal Instincts Review

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Anton: You got here fast. I just called 911. Your flute is missing.
Fin: Your flute?

Mama Rollins: Maybe that's for the best. You can focus on being a mother.
Rollins: Yeah