Haven Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Wild Card

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Well that stinks.

Just as Audrey's father is about to emerge after the events on Haven Season 5 Episode 18, Charlotte loses her life at his hands. 

And unless there is another surprise casting coming our way, Charlotte's husband – Audrey's father – will be played by William Shatner. How fun would it have been to see the two of them together? 

Eliminating the Troubles - Haven

Apparently the answer to the age old question of "Can Dwight ever get more than a day of happiness" remains a big, fat, resounding NO. I mean, they were talking about forever. Dwight was ready to grow old in Charlotte's forever youthful arms. 

You just had to know that was a bad sign, that and Charlotte's confession that she likes older men. Hello, William Shatner with whom we'll never get to see you in one single scene. FOUL!!

So Croatoan is the Satan of the Void. Or was. Did Charlotte's unnamed husband (did you notice she never used his name?) kill Croatoan and become him, or just assume his presence when he came through the void to visit Haven? 

It's pretty funny, if you think about it. Scrawling the name Croatoan into what remained of the Roanake colony and then having to wait hundreds of years for your ex wife to arrive in Haven to explain to the people left in this world the point of the no-marks killer. 

He made a big splash, but it was rather anonymous. Do serial killers really like to remain anonymous?

It was clever the way the Trouble of the week fell in with gathering the aether and in the Teague's hunt for Croatoan. It works best when the Troubles follow the pattern of the overarching story and drive plot rather than attempt to stand on their own.

The only thing that really didn't work at all during "Wild Card" was Duke's story. Was Eric Balfour not available to film at the same time as the rest of the cast, therefore necessitating a completely separate story for his character?

Something about Duke is definitely out in left field. It doesn't fit at all. It's like the flashback scenes on Arrow. You know they must have a point, and they'll eventually merge, but good golly, just hurry up and do it already.

I'm really going to miss Charlotte and feel terribly for Dwight (and Audrey, but she has Nathan). At least Charlotte got to explain who Croatoan was before she passed and Audrey knows to build a barn out of the aether. Whether she knows how to build said barn is a different story. Time will tell.

What did you think of this hour of the Syfy series? Were you surprised Charlotte left us before the series finale? What's next for the Trouble fighting team?

Don't forget that you watch Haven online any time. All episodes are available the very next day, so don't miss out on a single one! 

Wild Card Review

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