Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Good Man

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I still think it’s going to take watching Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 to really get me to have more of a complete feeling about the series as a whole, but the season finale did a solid job in having me even want to get there.

Because while I liked Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, it didn’t blow me away, and I haven’t cared about the majority of the characters in the same way that I’ve been interested in some of the ones on The Walking Dead.

But I think there’s still potential and possibility that Fear the Walking Dead can take advantage of.

Civil Unrest - Fear the Walking Dead

Of course, the biggest shake up on Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6 was the inclusion of walkers. And I mean a lot of walkers.

I guess Daniel decided the series and the whole suburb story needed to be spiced up, so he invited a whole herd to the party. Of course, it was an extremely dangerous move that could have and should have backfired on the crew, but really, I was just glad we finally got to see some zombie action.

Sure, there was a lot of chaos and soldiers getting there faces torn up by helicopter blades, but the most tense and scary scene had to be Nick and Strand trapped in the hallway.

I initially assumed that Travis and the gang would happen upon Nick and Strand just in the nick of time. And they did, but they couldn’t get the door open.

And for a moment, I really wondered if this episode was going to kill off both Nick and Strand, two characters I’m actually eager to see more of. The looks Madison and Nick gave each other through the glass even had me going. So close to save and yet so far.

Luckily, Liza saved the day, though even she couldn’t get that card reader to work on time. That was definitely a nail biter of a scene.

We also got to see Travis go into full beast mode as he pummeled Andy the soldier after shooting Ofelia. It was great to see him really take action and not just stand back, a sort of snapping moment for him, considering he trusted Andy. But the whole situation was just ridiculous.

Andy was bound to come back because Travis let him go, though I still think it would have made more sense if he just left and didn’t look back. On top of that, he shot Ofelia, not Daniel. The whole dilemma felt so out of place and forced, but at least Ofelia survived.

The big main character death was Liza, but I can’t say that I ever really got to know her to feel the full effect of losing her. She definitely tried to do the right thing over the time we did see her, but I never felt emotionally attached.

That said, it was a heartbreaking way to end the hour after all the chaos. It was a far quieter and more personal moment, and Cliff Curtis made me feel for his character. I believed Travis’ anguish over his ex-wife, and we finally got to see him truly broken. He had been holding onto good and civilization and the hope that everything would get better.

There was something haunting about the way the hour ended with him collapsed in the sand on the beach. It really makes me wonder what his character will be like in the next season.

But I’m still really intrigued by Strand, who I think solidified himself as the most interesting character on the show. There’s so much mystery to him, and I enjoyed seeing him and Nick try and work together to escape.

Then to see his super fancy place all stocked up and prepared for something like a zombie apocalypse? He really embraced the madness, and I’m interested to see in what way the series will unfold as the group heads for the high seas. Let’s just hope walkers don’t learn how to swim.

Overall, I enjoyed the finale. Sure, the military presence in the safe zone seemed to come and go so quickly, never really giving us any characters within those ranks to become worthy of our time, but I at least liked the concept despite the execution.

Frankly, I’m just glad that we are now out of the safe zone and about to head for uncharted waters. There really are many possibilities for the future episodes, and this one ratcheted up everything, getting me back on board and interested to see what's next.

Did you enjoy the finale? Sound off below, and to catch it all again, watch Fear the Walking Dead online.

The Good Man Review

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