Days of Our Lives Recap: Aiden Plans to Kill Hope

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Aiden daydreamed about strangling Hope, Ben remembered murdering Serena and Paige, while poor Chad wondered why he was handcuffed to his hospital bed on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Chad looked so lost and dejected. The guy really couldn’t catch a break. Abigail believed in him but that wasn't doing Chad much good. Even Marlena didn’t think he was a killer but didn’t appear to be willing to try and help him. 

Perhaps Aiden killing Hope is the only way out for Chad…but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 

Abigail and Ben had a doozy of a fight over the reward money. Cheating isn’t a problem for Abigail but taking “blood money” certainly is and Ben wants this windfall, badly. If this Days of Our Lives quote didn’t give Abigail pause for concern I’m not sure what will…

We're definitely not getting another one unless somehow I win the lottery or one of your rich relatives finally kicks the bucket and we get to finally take their fortune.


Although fighting over the money made sense I found it amusing that Ben felt they were destitute. Didn’t Daddy just buy them a house? How bad could things be?

Justin and Eve got a bit cozy after he stopped her from killing Chad. Whoever is guarding his hospital room should be fired. Apparently anyone can wander in and try to take him out. 

Daniel and Nicole chose a Valentine’s Day wedding. As Brady said, how original? Will their relationship actually survive to their wedding day? Nicole has had the rug pulled out from under her so many times that I don’t know what to think.

It was good to see Theresa finally stand up for herself with Kate. 

You want coffee? Get off your ass and get it yourself.


Perhaps she was more brusque than she needed to be but Kate definitely had it coming. I’m looking forward to seeing these three work together instead of against one another. 

As the wedding approached, Shawn Douglass voiced his concerns while Aiden continued to waffle between calling off the wedding or murdering his new bride. If I had to see his fantasies about killing Hope one more time I might have changed the channel.

But Bo and Steve are on their way…if they aren’t killed in a plane crash first.

Will they make it back in time to stop the wedding? Will Aiden go through with his plan to try and kill Hope if they don’t?

Check back on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives Round Table Team has to say but first tell us what you think TV Fanatics…

Will Aiden kill Hope?

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.


Deimos: I believe that the younger generation in this family have been handed everything on a silver platter, and they don't appreciate it.
Maggie: By younger generation, you must mean Sonny.
Deimos: All right, fine. Let's start with Sonny. I'm trying to work with him, Maggie. I've just given him a very important position in the company and instead of being grateful for the opportunity, he's being an oversensitive, temperamental pain in my neck. But at least he's still here. Brady, on the other hand, he's taken off, abandoned the family, Titan. He's left me all alone to deal with the Hernandez family on my own.
Maggie: Well, there's an easy solution to the Dimera and the Hernandez families. Just bow out.
Deimos: I do that and I lose face.
Maggie: With whom?
Deimos: With everyone. Except Nicole. She's taken off too.
Maggie: And to think I naively thought that maybe I'd gotten through to you the last time we had a serious conversation. Let me ask you a question. Has doing things your way gotten you anywhere?