Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 3 Review: I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

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Face your fears and run with scissors. 

Paula's inspirational (kind of?) song in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 3 helped to move a lot of pieces into place for Rebecca, Josh and Greg. And it gave Rebecca the courage to throw the world's oddest party. 

The more that we learn about Rebecca's past, the more her mental health issues are understandable. She's still scarred by her dad leaving her as a kid. She can't throw a party, because her dad left her during her last party after insulting the three kids who actually showed up. 

But seriously, who wouldn't want to watch a pay-per-view Room Temperature concert? I went to many an *NSYNC pay-per-view concert party. Room Temperature is probably just as hot, right? Or at the very least, tepid? 

Regardless, Rebecca takes the advice of her odd Obi-Wan-Lorelai Paula, and throws a housewarming party, facing her fears. 

The disaster affair is headed totally off the rails (your neighbor, your boss, and your grocery store clerk are NOT your friends,) until Josh Chan heroically saves the night with his pep talks and his selfies. 

Greg: You know, I get it now.
Rebecca: What do you get?
Greg: How you feel about Josh. I saw it on your face. It was weird and sad and also kind of beautiful in a pure and un-ironic kind of way.

I'm relieved to finally see something in Josh. For weeks, I've been wondering what it is about this boring and oblivious guy that made Rebecca move across the country to be with him. I finally get it. 

Josh seems to be the only person in Rebecca's life, aside from Paula, who can talk Rebecca down from her crazy ledge. He comforts her; of course no one showed up to her party. She just moved there, she doesn't know anyone. 

Josh is charismatic, he's sweet, he's her hero. He's everything that her dad wasn't for her the night of her disaster party as a kid. And for just a few minutes, I got it. I completely understood why Rebecca has so much invested in Josh Chan. 

For just a few minutes, because guys, it's all about Rebecca and Greg. 

We have a Sam and Diane thing going on, except its unpleasant and unsexy.

Rebecca [about Greg]

Greg and Rebecca are on a slow path to coupledom. He's so clearly the right guy for her. For one thing, he still likes her even though she's completely unstable. Their flirtatious arguments are sexually charged underneath layers of self-depricating humor. It's a joy to watch. 

There's a glimmer in Rebecca's eye that shows she DOES want Greg around. She was genuinely happy to see him there. She gave him the smile usually reserved for Josh. 

With Josh deciding he can be just friends with Rebecca against his girlfriend's wishes, and Greg deciding maybe it's time to give up on Rebecca because he saw that look they shared, and Rebecca still on that crazy spiral, it's pretty clear that we're headed for a strange and awkward love triangle. 

Face your fears. Run with scissors. It's too bad that Paula has so much trouble taking her own advice. 

Paula's home life makes me sadder and sadder with every new revelation. Her husband is completely absent, too wrapped up in his barbershop quartet. One of her sons may or may not be on the path to become a serial killer, and her youngest is full of abbreviated mental disorders. 

Paula needs Rebecca, because there's no one else in her life that seems to want her advice, her friendship or her company. 

You're a smart confident woman in charge of your own destiny. That sounded like a tampon commercial.

Paula [to Rebecca]

Again, I love their relationship. It's Gilmore-esque, a mix between a mother-daughter and two sisters. The one thing lacking in this friendship is the other side of it. Paula is always giving to Rebecca, and Rebecca is so self-absorbed that she never gives back. I'm sure that will come back to haunt her eventually.

"I Hope That Josh Comes to My Party!" was full of peaks and valleys as far as storytelling went. The music videos are an incredible centerpiece of the show, but in this case the plot was a little clunky. It felt like they were killing time until the next song at one point.

I'm hoping that this won't be the norm. The writing is overall very sharp and fun, so I can forgive the clunky – just this once.

High Notes:

  • All of Paula's party decorations. "Happy Day" balloons are a new party MUST HAVE.
  • The ridiculous barbershop quartet names. I'll pay to see the West Brovinas take on the Glendorables.
  • Admit it. You want your office to have Weekend Tuesdays.
  • "We Have Friends, We Definitely Have Friends," was reminiscent of a Lonely Island video. Can Andy Samberg make a cameo as a crazy ex-boyfriend?
  • Rebecca's new neighbor, Heather...she's the most fascinating person I've seen on TV since April Ludgate. I need a lot more of her.

Low Notes:

  • Things moved a little slow at times. 
  • How many times can you say "perioded" on television before you start getting a little grossed out?
  • There's not enough White Josh. I really want to know his story. 
  • I like Darryl. I don't want Darryl to be destroyed. The meth addict hook-up was a little over the top.

Were you glad that Josh came to Rebecca's party? Did you find yourself falling in love with Josh? If you were Paula, would you kick your singing hubby to the curb? How much do you need Greg and Rebecca to be together? Let us know in the comments below!

Missed a minute, or want to catch up? You can watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online here at TV Fanatic, and be sure to come back next week for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4 when Rebecca and Greg finally go out on a date!

Will it be a success? We'll be sure to let you know!

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I perioded on an ultra suede satee in 1987 at Roberta Janatelli's condo and I gotta tell you it was still a great party. I wrapped a sweater around my waist, then hooked up with Bobby Henderson anyway! And I started the whole sweater-around-the-waist trend! So, you're welcome.


Rebecca: Why don't we watch a movie and Buffer [White Josh] can play with my phone? Here ya' go buddy!
White Josh: Whoa! You've got a step counter on here! Whoa, it is very low. I'm gonna catch you up. (Starts walking in circles).