Chicago PD Round Table: Third Time's the Charm?

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Welcome back to the Chicago PD Round Table!

Burgess found out some upsetting news on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 4 and Olinksy and Voight dealt with a situation from their past.

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Ann to discuss Olinsky's DNA test, their disappointment with Ruzek, and Lindsay's move. Join us!

Chicago PD 1-27-15

Would Voight have killed Beckett if Olinsky wasn't there?

Elizabeth: Killed him? I have to believe that Voight would have stopped himself before it got that far. We've seen him do a lot of shady things, but (on PD anyway) his motives have always started out from a desire to do right. I like to think that's the line he won't cross.

Ann: I don't think he would have killed him, maybe blew his ear off or pistol whipped him. Hell he was responsible for the bomb that tried to kill Hank's family, killed a cop and was going after everything that he thought was about his jail time. This is all Bunny's fault, and if I were her and he knows, I would run like hell.

Stacy: I don't think he would have killed him either, but he might have seriously considered it. Either way, it's good Olinksy was there

Is it too soon for Lindsay to move back to her apartment?

Elizabeth: I mean, based on the scene at the bar, it's doubtful she's going to be alone there. It probably is too soon for her to be hanging out at Molly's doing shots though.

Ann: Maybe, but I think she was hinting to Jay, by letting him know that Hank was going to let her move back to her apartment. Remember Hank asked Jay if he had her back. This is what Jay wants.

Stacy: I think this whole storyline moved a little fast. I would have liked to see Lindsay in therapy or rehab, and not just talking to a psychiatrist friend for two minutes in a bar. But, I can understand the writers are ready to put Lindsay and Halstead back together.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how disappointed are you in Ruzek?

Elizabeth: 2? I don't know, I'm more disappointed in Burgess for playing games instead of communicating with her fiancé like a grown-up. And why in god's name would you take advice from Roman? It's not like he's got a great track record with relationships! I honestly don't think the first "engagement" was anything. He may just be being the typical bro who is happy with whatever she wants and isn't too interested in the wedding itself.

Ann: 6: Why in the hell would she take advice from Roman? And Burgess playing head games with Ruzek, I agree with Elizabeth. The look he gave her and didn't say it to her face, we really couldn't tell if he was upset. And he was just trying to please her, he wouldn't care if they got married in the precinct. She is putting too much emphasis on the other engagements, hell he wants to marry her. I hope she figures it out soon.

Stacy: 6. Burgess shouldn't be playing games, but I would have preferred if Ruzek's response was something like "if you need more time to plan your dream wedding, then I'm on board with whatever you want." Instead, he was very nonchalant about it which made him seem like he's in no hurry to actually get married. If keeping it stress free was the goal, they could always elope or have a small, simple wedding. He also should have told her about the previous engagement so she wouldn't have to find out from Atwater.

What will the DNA results say?

Elizabeth: My gut says it will be anticlimactic like Roman's needle and she'll be his, but even if she's not, I'd like to see Olinsky and his wife pull their heads out of their asses and help this girl out with more than boxing lessons and some cash here and there.

Ann: I think Olinsky really doesn't care. But I think she will be his daughter and maybe his wife would get over the fact that he cheated, but maybe he had to and he was on a stake out. Just like you have to snort coke if you are on a stakeout. This girl already has Olinsky. But you are right Elizabeth, someone needs to tell them to get their heads out of their asses and realize this girl needs help and maybe his daughter will reach out first. I hope so.

Stacy: I think they'll be positive and she'll be his, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's hesitant to open the results. I agree that he doesn't really care and he wants to be in her life either way now.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Elizabeth: Olinsky's new daughter giving him cookies and telling him she liked it when he came to the gym. I like it could be going two ways: either she's finally letting some of her walls down and they really are making some progress or she's just playing the long con with him. I'm rooting for the first, but I just can't rule out the idea she may be gaming him.

Ann: There were a lot. My favorite was when Mouse was trying to explain something and Hank just looked at him and he backed off. Plus the chief was standing right behind him. Also, when Olinsky actually mailed the envelope.

Stacy: I agree with Elizabeth, I liked when she brought cookies to Olinsky. I hope she's not playing him.

Did anything disappoint you?

Elizabeth: I'm still not loving the story with Olinsky's family. He shouldn't be ignoring his wife's phone calls and she should be taking a breath and trying to act with a clear head about the situation. But I don't get people who take out their frustration with these situations out on the kid. It's not their fault, and the adults need to show a little compassion.

Ann: Yes, Olinsky's wife should take a beat and think about that girl. Sure she isn't hers, but she is a part of her husband which makes her her step-daughter. Yes Elizabeth, you can't choose your parents, it is not Michelle's fault, she is a victim of circumstances. I hope she is his, like he said, "I will..." in the bar talking to Hank.

Stacy: I was disappointed in Burgess taking Roman's advice. She needs to just straight up ask Ruzek if he's serious about marrying her. If she has doubts, she needs to be honest with him so he can put her mind at ease.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Roman: Should we do a knock and talk?
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