Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 4 Review: The Oolong Slayer

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Finally, all is well with the world again.

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 4, Captain Holt and Jake worked a case, Terry got to be indignant, Gina was at her histrionic best. Not to mention Andre Braugher said "Punk" the way only Andre Braugher can.

However, as if all of that wasn't good enough, we got the best gift of all. Captain Holt is back home.


I'm so very happy that Captain Holt is back at the precinct now. For one, I'm just happy for Holt. I don't think I could have stood to see him demeaned yet again by Chief Wuntch. He missed the Nine-Nine so badly, and I'm just glad he's home.

Captain Holt's return was perfectly timed. It was just long enough for us to see everyone miserable in other places, and enough for the discomfort to be funny and not overplayed. As much as I enjoyed The Vulture's sublime douchery (that's not a word but it fits) and Holt's vitriolic parlance with Wuntch, this was the right time to bring those to an end.

Jake and Holt working a case together is always one of the best things that the show has to offer. Adding Gina to the mix was simply icing on the cake. The whole story was absolute comedy gold, and I loved every second of it.

From the acoustics in the bathroom, to the port in the globe, to Jake and Holt's hilarious fight scene – there's no way we could have gone back to One Police Plaza after this gem of a case. Hopefully, things will be like Gina's grand re-entrance to the Nine-Nine, like Holt was never actually gone.


It was nib o'clock for Terry and Charles, as Terry dealt with all the stress in his life by snacking. Charles, ever the thoughtful but inappropriate one, didn't make things much easier for Terry.

Charles: You're looking a little fat.
Terry: How dare you. You can't comment on my body, this is a workplace! Now I'm feeling objectified by your male gaze!
Charles: Please, just listen, sir.
Terry: I will not listen! You are trying to shame me and that will not fly!

One of my favorite things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is how it just either obliterates or completely subverts all stereotypes. Racial, gender – it does not matter. If it's a stereotype, the show has had its way with it.

This storyline took the typical gender and body image stereotype and turned it on its head. We had Terry Jeffords, of all people, stressed out because of all of the homemaking work he had to do on top of his police work, start stress-eating and putting on weight.

Then we had Charles, another man, call him out on that, and Terry had to deal with the shame of his weight and body being called to attention, and had to stand up for himself. This all happened to a gigantic man whose biceps are as big as my head. If that's not brilliant, I don't know what is.


Rosa and Amy got stuck with the C story this week, which really was most enjoyable because of The Vulture. I know some viewers didn't like him, but that guy had some of the best one-liners ever.

The Vulture: Let's see what you got for the B-day bash.
Amy: I thought you wanted us to surprise you?
The Vulture: It's a figure of speech, Detective Stupidago.

I was kind of hoping for him to have been embarrassed in some way at his own party, but I suppose with an ego like his, he'd be a pretty hard man to embarrass. You have to begrudgingly respect any man that can play a guitar with his tear-aways half off.

Dean Winters did a fantastic job, and I hope we haven't seen the last of him. But for now, I'm just happy to have Holt back.


  • Gina was ON FIRE this week. The bathroom acoustics and her triumphant return to the precinct had me in stitches.
  • Have I ever mentioned that this show has the best names for its criminals? The Oolong Slayer?! Love it.
  • Today in Hitchcock and Scully: The two of them rocking out to The Vulture's band was hilarious.
  • Today in Andre Braugher saying words: PUNK!!
  • The Quote of the Day: Since we may not see Wuntch again for a while, let's remember one of Holt's finest jabs.

Jake: Looks like we both have a pretty bad case of "jerk boss."
Holt: Yes, yours is an idiot, and mine is a forked-tongue lizard witch.

What did you guys think? Are you glad Holt is finally back? Will you miss The Vulture? Was Gina ever gone? Hit us up below!

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The Oolong Slayer Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

We only solve misdemeanors, weiners.

The Vulture

Why don't we make like Boyle's mom and debrief me.

The Vulture