Bones Season 11 Episode 1 Review: The Loyalty in the Lie

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Six months have gone by as we get to Bones Season 11 Episode 1, and things have changed for Booth and Brennan…or have they?

On the surface it appears they have the dream life for which they’d hoped. The new baby has arrived, and the little boy makes Booth duck and cover while changing diapers. Brennan has been home with the kids and has written two new books, while Booth has been working as a freelance training instructor at Quantico. 

But as Booth gave his beautiful family a longing look as he walked out the door, it became clear that wasn’t the whole story. 

Aubrey’s now running lead between the FBI and the Jeffersonian, and I liked him in the role, but then again, I’ve like Aubrey since he came on board. He has great chemistry with the entire cast. 

When Angela came in with the news that the gun on the burnt corpse was registered to Booth, I knew it couldn’t be him. However, the story did a great job of making me wonder. From the old injuries matching his records to Angela’s facial reconstruction, it was difficult not to consider that this indeed might be Seeley Booth.

Brennan absolutely broke my heart. First she had to consider the possibility that her husband was dead. That she’d have to explain to Christine that she’d never again see her father and that their little boy would never know his dad. Just the thought of it must have been devastating.

I understood her anger towards Arastoo for making her go to such a dark place, even if it wasn’t entirely his fault. Unfortunately for him, he was the only target for her pain that was within reach in this Bones quote...

You told me my husband was dead. Angry doesn't begin to cover it.


It all led to more doubts for Arastoo who wants to be good enough to run the lab at the Jeffersonian the way Brennan did, but the fact is, there is only one Brennan. If he’s going to take over the role, he needs to make it his own. 

I also felt horrible for Arastoo when Cam not only found the ring before he was ready to give it to her, but Hodgins walked in to interrupt any hope of romance in the moment. Will he actually pop the question? Will Cam say yes? We’ll just have to wait and see.

And that’s okay because there was already a lot going on in this hour. 

When they finally figured out that the body was actually Jared, Booth’s brother, it made a lot of sense. Jared’s had a lot of issues over the years and he would have similar injuries given their childhood abuse and military service. 

Padme was back and furious with Brennan which is sad considering Brennan was one of the few people on her side when she was first introduced. 

The investigation into finding Booth became even more complex with the introduction of Special Agent Grace Miller. As much as I like actress Kim Raver, Agent Miller’s attitude was annoying…but then again I assume it was supposed to be just that. She came in convinced Booth had done something wrong and treated him like a suspect instead of a decorated war hero and law enforcement officer. 

Of course, Miller has secrets of her own which I hope will be revealed soon. 

Hodgins and Angela were sidelined for most of this episode, only popping up for smaller moments.

So what was Jared into? We know it’s linked to his former military team as Kevin O’Donald certainly appeared to still be this team’s leader, but was the goal simply to rob a drug lord or is there more to it than that? 

What is Booth’s role in all of this? Was he trying to help get his brother out of a jam and got dragged into the middle of this operation? He obviously knew something was going down that day as he took his weapon and left his wedding ring behind. Does he even know his brother is dead?

And when the truth finally does come out, will Brennan be able to forgive him for leaving her in the dark?

We’re left with a lot more questions than answers here so check back next week for our review of Bones Season 11 Episode 2 and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

The Loyalty in the Lie Review

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