Bones Round Table: Killing Off Agent Andy

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Betty White guest-starred as the newest Squintern, Dr. Beth Mayer, who gave Brennan advice about work, life and love on Bones Season 11 Episode 4.

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam for Castle and Bones Radio to debate Brennan killing off Agent Andy, obsessions like fantasy football and whether they’d like Dr. Mayer to return after “The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Do you believe that Brennan killed off Agent Andy because she was bored?

Pam: No, I think she was still angry with him for his gambling from months back, and she resented that he made her lose faith in her hero which to her is Agent Andy/ Booth. He let her down, and she may still carry some anger issues about that and killing off her hero might be a way to begin again fresh and new in future books, but in her heart I don't think she really wanted Agent Andy to die and Booth didn't either.

Ashley: I think that could be part of it, but my guess is there was still something more going on subconsciously there. It could even be that sort of fear of losing him, since he's basically always in danger. 

Christine: Yeah, I wasn’t buying the boredom scenario. I think it was either her working out some repressed anger or working out her fear over really losing him. Either of those reasons make more sense to me than boredom. 

Would you like to see Betty White return as Dr. Beth Mayer or would you prefer this to be a one and done guest role?

Pam: She was a nice addition for a one time gig I think they did with her what they could for the guest star role.

Ashley: I would LOVE to see her return. She was absolutely fabulous.  

Christine: I thought she was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t want her on as a regular but I’d love to see her back for another visit. 

The victim and killer were both obsessed with fantasy football. Is there anything you’re obsessed with (or at least like a whole lot)? 

Pam: Yes, I am a clean freak and everything must be very clean or I can't deal with it. People who are dirty in hygiene and in their homes and cars and are hoarders gross me out.

Ashley: Definitely not to that degree. I hate to state the obvious here, but I'm pretty darn obsessed with television. My husband is actually in a fantasy football league with his friends, and it drives me up the wall. 

Christine: TV. I’m a writer at TV Fanatic for a reason. 

Who is your favorite Jeffersonian intern?

Pam: Wendell Bray is my favorite I feel like I have watched him grow up on Bones and he is so cute. I love his duck bill hair cut and his sweet baby face and smile. His facial expressions when he is with Bones working on a case is priceless.

Ashley: It's a tough choice. I think my favorite is Wendell, followed closely by Jessica Warren. 

Christine: Wow. We all love Wendell. He really does fit in well with the rest of the team and being that cute doesn’t hurt either. 

Was there anything in “The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves” that disappointed you?

Pam: We have moved on from Jared rather quickly I would think he would be mentioned at least somewhere in the episode so that we know Booth is still working on that loss it's like okay he's dead next case!

Ashley: As funny as it was to see Hodgins under the influence of a tranquilizer, I could have done without all the focus on him and Wells in the woods. Mostly, I think, because I don't care much about Wells. 

Christine: I was disappointed with how they tried to brush off killing Agent Andy as boredom. I thought it was going to be a great way to explore how Brennan is dealing with the drama she and Booth have overcome this past year. Instead they wrote it off as boredom which felt like a cop out. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Pam: The scene in the diner when Booth finds out Bones has killed off her hero, Agent Andy, and he gets all upset because he feels like she has killed him off, as well. In his mind, he is Agent Andy, and in the books Agent Andy is about him, and she is all of a sudden getting rid of him.  He is rather worried about that, and for the next few scenes, he is letting Bones know he is upset she has killed off Agent Andy aka Booth. He is hurt because he thought Agent Andy, aka Booth, was her hero, too.

Ashley: Dr. Mayer giving Brennan advice was my favorite scene, hands down. I so loved watching these two interact! 

Christine: Booth and Brennan playing around at home at the end of the episode. It’s always nice to see these two having fun.

Check in on Thursday for our review of Bones Season 11 Episode 5 and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

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