Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Beyond Redemption

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Team Arrow has really come together.

Something Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 did really well was showcase the strengths of the entire team. With a new direction for Oliver and a new lair for the team, it appears we're finally done pining for the past and moving on with the future. 

It feels fantastic.

That's not to say everybody is happy or that it's smooth sailing. It's not. But as a team, there is full support, and with that they should be able to weather any storm. 

It's been confusing, seeing Capt. Lance buddying up to Team Arrow when he has been to against them in the past. But with Damien Darhk threatening Laurel and his misguided attempt to save her instead of allowing her to save herself (kudos to Oliver for pointing out she's clearly capable of doing so), Lance has been of the mind of keeping his toes in the water of both sides.

That's a good thing, because now he's going to keep doing that.

There were some really great moments featuring Lance during "Beyond Redemption," with Laurel, Sara and Damien, but it was the moment with Oliver that really held the most significance for both men. They've clearly had a love hate relationship for a very long time, and Oliver admitted to the elder Lance he was the motivating factor in his decision to run for mayor.

A part of me has always wanted you to see what kind of man I really am! I didn't expect to wind up finding out what kind of man you really are.


Stephen Amell was finally given an opportunity to dig into some emotional material without flashing back to the island, and it paid off. That was one of the best scenes he's had in a very long time. Oliver's pain was palpable, and it's easy to understand how important having the respect of a father figure like Lance would be to a man who lost his own father in such a terrible way.

Even better, when the going got tough, Lance didn't lose it, but rather came to his senses and took what Oliver said to heart. He really does love his city and was willing to turn himself in for the crimes he's committed working with Damien Darhk.

Going forward, Oliver and Lance will be on equal footing with a mutual respect. It's going to make things very interesting and will just add to this new dynamic we have with everyone getting along.

Surprisingly, revealing the atrocious evil of Damien Darhk is taking as long as revealing the same of Zoom on The Flash. I can't bring myself to hate Damien. Despite the fact he's a killer, just like Ra's in Arrow Season 3, the dude has some sort of compass he lives by and tends to make sense at times thereby allowing me to give him a pass.

Damien: I can give advice, father to father. If she were my daughter, I'd put her down.
Lance: She's my baby girl.
Damien: No, she isn't. She may look like your daughter, but she doesn't possess her soul. The most loving act you can commit is to return Sara to her final rest. I'm sorry.

That was pretty sound advice, even if he was calling for Lance to kill his own daughter. It's not as crazy as it sounds given what we know about the Pit and having seen Sara. How could he know Oliver is buddies with John Constantine and will call him in for help on Arrow Season 4 Episode 5

Does anybody else get the feeling things are going a little too well for Team Arrow? The superheroes are truly kicking ass (which doesn't mean they win every battle), everyone is getting along, Felicity is doing well at Palmer Tech, Olicity is paired and in love and Lance is on board. This is when things start to go wrong.

Should we expect the death to take place at the midseason finale? I have a feeling we might be seeing something sooner rather than later, just so the story can build around it. Surely before season finale. When would you expect it?

Other points:

  • What will happen to the lair after the campaign? it seems pretty obvious Oliver's going to be mayor, but you don't campaign forever. So what will the office become?
  • FINALLY the Black Canary is using her Canary Cry during fight scenes! Love it.
  • We know more about Curtis' life and family than we did about Felicity's after two seasons. Just an observation.
  • It's taking a while for Ray to make contact. I thought for sure the password would bring around communication.
  • I the only one who didn't know Diggle was WEARING A MASK?! I thought it was an entire helmet. Now I definitely cannot get on board with the silly thing. What's the point of all that armor if he can't even slam his head into the pavement?!
  • Kinda wanted Rutina Wesley for more than a one and done. Oh well.
  • What's in the box that was delivered to Damien Darhk in the closing moments? Are we supposed to know that? Or who delivered it?

OK guys, what did you think? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

Don't forget, you can always watch Arrow online and get your first look at the latest episode of Arrow right here. Hello John Constantine!

Beyond Redemption Review

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: We're gonna need some money.
Felicity: Don't you mean more money?
Oliver: Mmmm hmmm.

Laurel: What did Thea think you weren't wearing?
Felicity: I have no idea.