From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine

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I'll never be over Seth hallucinating Kate taking care of him. Never.

On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 3, Seth was in a really bad place. Sure, he was bad before, but Kate leaving him tipped him over the edge. He hallucinated Kate coming back for him and being a little more intimate than we've seen them. It was perfection. As if that wasn't telling enough, Kate then turned into a culebra and attacked him.

Seth keeps losing people he loves because of culebras. Richie turned into one, and Santánico took him away from Seth. Kate partially left because of Seth's reaction to her wanting to save Scott and then his reaction to Rafa being a culebra. Basically, culebras bring nothing but pain to Seth, and that is what his hallucination reflected. Which hallucination did you enjoy the most?

Sonja takes care of Seth

I gotta say, this episode made me love Sonja. All she wants is her money back, and if that means she has to tie a Gecko to a chair and get him sober, then she will do it. Whatever Sonja wants, she will work towards getting. She used to just want to have sex with Seth, and while that still may be on the table, she never made a move on him. Instead, she shifted gears to getting him clean, so she could get her money. What do you think of Sonja?

Do you think Seth was being paranoid by accusing Sonja of being a culebra or at least working with them? He made some good points about how convenient Sonjas was, and then she just happened to show up right when Carlos made his housekeeping call. Carlos didn't seem too concerned about running after Seth. Still, this could be because he thinks Seth will lead him to Richie, and like Carlos said, it isn't hard for him to find a Gecko. What's your theory on Sonja? Can we trust her with our Seth?

Back to the other Gecko, Richie and Santánico have been gathering the flesh, as they have called the girls, together so that they can track them to Malvado. It's great that we are seeing each phase in their plan get put into action. Taking down the Nine Lords doesn't happen overnight. There's some preparation involved, like dance classes.

I'm the guy that they say couldn't do it.


Bravo, Richie! You are kicking ass and taking names without Seth's help. They grow up so fast, don't they?

Richie constantly working on making his own name has been fantastic. You can tell how much the perception that he can't do anything without Seth weighs on him. Richie wants to prove everyone wrong and create an empire, but it is a little concerning how he talked about taking over the human trafficking ring.

This is a whole different level of morality. Stealing money is one thing, but selling human beings into slavery is much worse. Not only is that a bad sign, but Richie also sort of forgot or maybe ignored Santánico's goal of shutting it down. It's about time these two started to have some conflict, but if this turns out to be the issue that drives them apart, for once I may be siding with Santánico. What about you?

Somehow, I had forgotten how disgusting Sex Machine truly is. His scenes with Margaret were cringe worthy, and it is a little upsetting that she never caught onto the fact that something was off. She did come through in the end and save Freddie's life. Tell me she took photos of the codex before handing it over to Sex Machine. She's smart. She would have done that, right?

It would have been nice to see a little bit of pleasantries between Sex Machine and Freddie. They could have been fake, but a line or two about how are you since Mexico or something similar. There could have been some Freddie sass, and who wouldn't love that?

Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick. I didn't know people still made frito pie.

Either Freddie's out of practice killing culebras or Sex Machine is one tough cookie to kill. The fight scene was intense, and it was great to see Sex Machine in a badass culebra way. It's much easier to take him seriously as a threat when there's not a cock pistol involved. Who else was cringing when he slithered into Freddie's house through that hole?

Culebra class is in session! 

Sex Machine is still Professor Aiden Tanner, so hearing him explain how culebras can appear to be someone else makes sense. It was also really great to have an answer on how specifically all of that worked. Hopefully, he continues to share little tidbits about being a culebra.

All I want for Freddie is for him to be happy. Why is that so difficult?

Margaret left him after the incident with Sex Machine. She took Billie and only left a voicemail behind to let Freddie know why. On the bright side, she told him that she understood that this was a part of his life now. Margaret did what was right for Billie, but it still was painful to watch. Do you think Margaret made the right call?

I guess your husband is tuned into a different frequency than the rest of us.

Truthfully, this was the only way for Freddie to really be able to get into things. He wouldn't have left Billie and Margaret again, but it also didn't look like he was going to stop digging into this latest culebra related case he stumbled on. Now, Freddie is free to only worry about getting himself killed, which is a small upside. 

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch From Dusk Till Dawn online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine Review

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