From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 2 Review: In a Dark Time

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Is anyone else still trying to wrap their heads around Carlos watching Dora the Explorer?

On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 2, Carlos emerged from the labyrinth a little bit crazier than he was before. Is this the same labyrinth that Seth and Richie went into or are there multiple labyrinths in the Titty Twister? Because the small glimpse we saw of Carlos in the labyrinth featured him swinging around his sword at air and ripping out his fangs. Ouch.

The bonds are the map. I'm the map.


There's still so much we don't know about what Carlos went through. Malvado asked Carlos what he learned, but there wasn't ever an answer given. Flashbacks would really help to understand what Carlos did for three months. He is clearly a changed man. Either Carlos learned not to be greedy or the labyrinth made him more submissive. 

A dangerous getaway - From Dusk Till Dawn

It's a little hard to picture Carlos suddenly being okay with being a lapdog. All last season we saw him dream big, and we are still seeing how he thought everything out so well. Carlos knew the bonds had the map on the back, so he made sure that the man who could decode them, Sex Machine, found his way to the Titty Twister. You have to admit, Carlos sure knew how to put together a plan.

Carlos has to have something up his sleeve. The fact he was making a sword and made himself steel fangs seems to back up this theory. In order for us to truly understand this new, slightly dazed Carlos, we have to see what he went through. What do you think Carlos is planning?

How is it that no one attempted to keep tabs on Richie and Santánico all during these three months? We have seen that Malvado has a vast network, so it wouldn't have been surprising if Narcisso or Malvado had been calling their contacts to see if anyone had seen or heard anything about Santánico. Even if they came up with nothing, it would have been nice to know that they at least tried.

But no, apparently, the three months were spent just sitting around at the Titty Twister because no one gave the Regulator a starting point. He just drove around, and happened to get pulled over by a cop who had seen Seth Gecko. Honestly, the Regulator needs to come up with a better plan. Sure, you've got a gun and all, but you aren't really that threatening right now. 

Also, is the Regulator human? He can stroll out in the daytime no problem, and we haven't seen him turn into a culebra. The whole part where he turns to stone suggests that he is not entirely human, and so is the disgusting part where he ate the cop's eyeball and saw everything he saw, but we don't really have any answers. What's your theory on the Regulator?

I'm sorry but Seth and Kate being teacher and student was too cute for words. Did you see Kate's face when she showed Seth how she had correctly used the bump key? Adorable. They make a damn fine team, and it's a shame that it looks like they have split up. What do you think is next for Seth and Kate?

Kate: You know another thing? I didn't just lose my brother down in that temple. I lost my dad too. He begged me to kill him, and I drove a stake into his heart. You don't see me shooting myself up with poison.
Seth: You never told me that.

Seth has been viewing culebras as something unnatural, more like a monster in a fairy tale than something that exists in the real world. He is incapable of realizing that culebras are still people. It's easier for him paint them as villains because then Richie, his brother, didn't leave him. The demon who killed him did.

Kate can see that culebras are still people, which is why she wants to help Scott, and why she befriended Rafa.

The way Kate and Seth view culebras says a lot about their characters. Kate was brought up in the church where you are taught to believe the best in people. Everyone has a soul, and everyone can be saved.

Seth's a professional thief. He's a criminal who learned at a young age that the world is a cruel place. Seth doesn't look for the best in people. He looks for the worst because he knows it's there waiting to screw him over. To him, the experience at the Titty Twister proved that. There are monsters in this world, and that's all they are – monsters.

You want help? Let me help you and listen real close because this one is gold. Everybody that you've ever loved is dead, including your brother.


This is why even after everything Rafa did for them, Seth cannot believe that Kate let a culebra into their plan. Rafa was instrumental in the heist, and he even gave his life so they could escape, but Seth is incapable of seeing past that.

Speaking of Rafa, it was so sad to see him go. He was all sorts of adorable with Kate. Even though we only met Rafa in From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 1, his death was heartbreaking. To be fair, it's not difficult to love a guy who sacrifices himself for Kate.

Rafa was proof that not all culebras are assholes who trap you in a bar and kill you. He represented a more normal culebra, one that is still a human being at heart. This helps wash away any doubts that once someone turns into a culebra, they are a lost cause. Are you going to miss him?

Richie had hallucinations. Freddie has nightmares and hallucinations. Both led them to something connected to the culebras. For Richie, he was led to the Titty Twister, and he often saw women cut open with snakes all around them and eyes on their hands. Freddie was led by his nightmares and his violent visit from Earl to a grave site where people with symbols on their foreheads and bite marks on their neck were buried alive.

This is an interesting parallel.

We never really explained how Santánico was able to get inside Richie's mind the way she did, but hopefully we will get some answers about what is going on with Freddie. This could be a side effect of his blood line. It's a little difficult to believe that a culebra is purposely dragging Freddie into their business, but anything is possible. What do you think is the cause of Freddie's nightmares and hallucinations?

Now I can't escape the feeling that something's coming, and I can't stop it. I'm going to need you to help me see it, before it hits.


It's exciting that we are already seeing Freddie's storyline merging with whatever is going on with those bonds. Hopefully Freddie's investigation will turn up some answers. Aside from the vague line about "the storm of blood," this map is a huge mystery. Is it connected to the bodies Freddie found or is that some other weird culebra mystery? What's your take on all of this?

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Seth will actually help the Regulator find Richie and Santánico? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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In a Dark Time Review

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

The bonds are the map. I'm the map.


Let me tell you something, and I know that you habla íngles, so don't give me that look. I'm not your enemy, and I'm not your friend. I'm simply here for what's mine. Now I understand that it was yours, but due to the unwritten rules of this life that you chose, it now belongs to me, so I'm going to take it. This is who I am. Do you understand? This is what I do, but thank for your cooperation. Adios.