Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi's Out of Prison!

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Gabi was released from prison, Chad was hypnotized by Marlena, JJ continued to cower to Clyde and Ben came clean (sort of) about his creepy stalker app on Abigail’s phone this week in Salem. 

Gabi’s out of prison! This was a great surprise and although I wasn't always Gabi's biggest fan, I'm glad to have her back. Her scenes with Ari were adorable. That little girl is a scene stealer. 

Finding Bo. Steve and John worked together to try and track down Bo. I hope they figure things out because I’m already tired of watching Bo eat moldy bread while curled up on his cell floor. And I have to agree with Steve, seeing he and John working together again is very cool. 

Of course Kayla wasn’t thrilled with the possibility of Steve taking off again, even though she told him she didn’t want him sticking around. Steve didn’t believe her and neither did anyone else. She and Joey had a touchingly honest conversation about her and Steve which led to one of the best Days of Our Lives quotes of the week…

Maybe because even when you had big hair, Dad was hot for you.


Marlena hypnotizes Chad and isn’t her voice just perfect for it. I felt myself falling under her spell. Chad telling Marlena, “This is the night she’s going to die” when he sees Serena in his mind was chilling, even though I don’t believe he killed her. 

Abigail and Ben. These two make my head spin. First off, Abigail should have been much angrier about that tracking app on her phone but I suppose she’s still feeling guilty about sleeping with Chad and why didn’t Ben just confront her about that? Instead he showed himself to be almost as good at spinning a story as his father. When he told Abigail he only tracked her because Chad may be a murderer and he’s scared for her, it was such a bunch of manipulative crap.  If only she knew that he’s been tracking her for months. 

I keep waiting for something to happen that makes Ben snap and go completely to the dark side like his daddy. 

Aiden as both hero and villain. Aiden figured out the judge made an error in Gabi’s sentencing and save her from 30 years to life but at the same time he’s stealing from Stefano to pay his gambling debts. Is this why Aiden and his late wife argued so much about money? He always said that she came from money and he had none and that was a problem for them. Perhaps the other side of that story is that he was gambling all of their money away.

JJ told Jennifer about Clyde. I could feel their terror during that conversation and for all of Clyde’s threats they have to find a way to tell the police or the DEA. That would be easier if JJ wasn’t such an idiot. Roman was right, why walk in the front entrance of the police station if there’s any possibility that he’s being watched? I also wish that they’d spend a little more time on JJ grieving for Paige.

Speaking of grief, Eve had me in tears when she completely lost it in her apartment. Her grief was overwhelming, made all the worse because she’d driven Paige away all on her own.  Her daughter was furious with her when she died and now Eve will never be able to make that right. 

A couple of side notes:

  • Why haven’t we seen Theresa find out about Paige? I keep waiting for that scene. At this point I’m expecting that Theresa will have been told off screen and I’ll be really disappointed.
  • Will still blames Paul for his issues with Sonny. Ugh.
  • Clyde gets creepier with every scene…with JJ, Jennifer, and now Marlena.

Your turn TV Fanatics. Are you happy to have Gabi out of prison and back in Salem?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about the week's events. 

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