From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Opening Night

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I never knew Richie had a hard on for trains or that anyone did really, except for maybe Sheldon Cooper.

On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 1, Richie and Santánico are making their first move against Lord Malvado. It's really fun to see Richie as the brains of the operation.

All during last season he was hallucinating all over the place and drinking horchata while Seth planned all the jobs. It's not that Richie didn't want to take on more of a role, it's just that Seth shut him down, repeatedly. 

Now, Richie's in charge. Okay, he is in charge of the planning and the thinking, which Santánico is not really a fan of. Watching the two of them working side by side is fun. They have such a cute dynamic. Richie has been teaching Santánico about pop culture, and she has been complaining when Richie ignores the vital rules of being a culebra. You sleep during the day now, Richard. 

Richie's adorable with his tennis bracelet, and his confession that this is the first time he has been in a relationship. He may think he is the dedicated Gecko, but in reality, he's the super cuddly one.

Santánico rejecting his gift speaks volumes about her.

She doesn't know how to be in this kind of relationship. The only one she has really been in was with Carlos, and even though it spanned centuries, Carlos worshipped her. He didn't love her. There wasn't the same kind of partnership that Richie and Santánico currently have.

As much as Santánico claims that she can't be with Richie until Lord Malvado has been taken care of, I think it is more of a front. She can't be with Richie yet because she's not sure how to be. She's been Santánico Pandemonium, the bringer of souls, for centuries. No one has treated her as a human girl with a heart in a very long time. I'm really interested to see how Santánico adapts to no longer being a slave to the Nine Lords.

Kate: Stroll, that was the world you used. You said, "Kate, I'm going to stroll out of there like Paul Newman. You'll be waiting in the car, and then we'll drive away like we just got a free toaster."
Seth: I owe you a toaster.

Seth didn't give Kate any fancy jewelry. Sure, he promised her a toaster and staked the night manager for her, but it's just not as meaningful as diamonds. You could learn a thing or two from your brother, Seth.

Last season, Seth was much better off than Richie because he wasn't going crazy with hallucinations and carrying dead dogs in a circle in the desert. This season, Richie is doing a lot better than Seth. First, there's the fact that Richie's jobs are going better. Then, there's the whole part where Seth is doing drugs to forget Richie. 

It's really interesting to see this reversal. For so long, it's been the Gecko brothers. They depended on each other. Now, Richie and Seth have to learn how to work solo or with new partners. Both of them are failing in different ways. Richie almost got caught thanks to forgetting about the security cameras, and well, Seth is just a mess personally. 

We have really known the Gecko brothers as a unit. We saw them how they saw each other in season one, and by separating them, we are getting to see more of who they really are. Is Richie right? Is he the more dedicated Gecko?

You are a missionary. You came down here to help the little brown people so it would look good on your application. Want to take a selfie?


Rafa may be my new favorite character. He's just adorable, and the sass is amazing. What was really interesting was that through Rafa, Kate got a glimpse of how Santánico, or Kisa, is viewed by the masses.

She's worshipped, admired, and respected.

This is very different than the Santánico we met in the Titty Twister. We saw her as as either a monster, or a girl trying to escape the bonds of her captivity. She never was portrayed as a savior. How can she save anyone by bringing in and consuming souls at the Twister?

Exploring and opening up this side of Santánico's mythology is fantastic. We are getting to learn more about her and the overall culture. It was a little surprising to hear Rafa say that Kisa belongs to everyone, not just culebras. It was such a great character moment, and the flashbacks of her first starting to be forced to dance helped to further cement this new perspective of Santánico.

Kate's reaction isn't all that surprising. She's a preacher's daughter who went into what she believed to be hell, fighting off monsters. The reason for her being there was ultimately Santánico. How can Kate view her as a savior when she's only seen the monster? It would be really interesting to continue to have Kate learn about Santánico and about what she means or represents to everyone.

What did you think of the episode? Why do you think Richie declared the Geckos dead? Are you excited to see the Regulator in action? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

Opening Night Review

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